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Are you serious about your business?

Eric Louviere, who makes more than just a comfortable living online, summons up the road to success in three words:

"Do uncomfortable things"

Most people won’t do them. So if you do, you have a huge advantage over 90% of the other people, the people who are looking for push-button solutions.

There are no buckets of gold at the end of the rainbow.

There are no push-button solutions that make you rich.

"Do uncomfortable things"

One of the things that can seem uncomfortable – and which definitely is a winner – is webinars.

I’ve more than once seen how the magic of a webinar makes several thousands dollars in two hours.

And Mark Thompson has made close to $100,000 in one month.

He’s a pro.

And he’s also a good teacher.

He’s been studying and masterminded with some of the top webinar experts in the industry. And he’s been doing what all of us should: Test and tweak.

Mark has done that to:

  • Get more people to attend his webinars.

  • Make people more engaged.

  • Boost his conversion and make more sales.

Mark has been selling his own software, information products and other people’s products through webinars, and he’s made around 2 million dollars doing so.

He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s sharing his webinar formula here:

==> http://malka.im/e/webinarcrusher

There are 23 videos with a total of around 3 hour’s of content, and I’ve been through the first series so far, about how to present the webinar.

Normally, I would go through the whole product before I would write to you about it, but there are less than 15 hours until the price goes up, so I decided to share this with you now.

I’ve already seen enough to judge the quality. And I’ll get back to that in a moment.

Webinar Crusher is both for newbies who’ve never managed a webinar before and for people who’ve used them for years.

They can change and transform your online business, just like they did for Mark.

Webinar Crusher is divided into four modules:

Presentation Elements

(This was the series I saw.)

Mark takes us through the 11 elements that every successful webinar MUST have to maximize conversions and sales.

I recommend that you watch the videos and take as many notes as you can, and then prepare a webinar, watching one video at a time to get each part of the webinar right.

Personally, I especially loved his "irresistible offer" walk-through. Brilliant!

Webinar Sequence

(This is what I’m going to watch in a moment.)

Mark promises to show us exactly what he does to get the attendees primed and excited so that we can copy his method.

You get to see what he does before a webinar, the day of the webinar and after the webinar which doubles the sales after your live webinar every time.

The Setup

One of the things I noticed was that Mark promised to take the ache out of tech-stuff, and here he’ll show us things like:

  • Merchants & Payment Gateways (to accept payment)

  • Affiliate Programs (to allow affiliates to promote)

  • Membership Software (to create a product to sell)

  • Affiliate Materials (for easy promotion)

Ninja Conversions

(I can’t wait to get started on this module.)

These are small tips and tricks Mark have picked up by working with other marketers, and now he’s sharing them with you.

==> http://malka.im/e/webinarcrusher

When I watched the first module, I got the feeling that Mark is holding nothing back.

And the sound is awesome, the pictures clear, no coffee-drinking… Really high-quality videos.

I would have loved transcripts. Or a copy of the slides. But they aren’t there, so I’ll take plenty of notes instead.

In fact, that’s a much better way to learn, of course, but I’m lazy 😉

Webinar Crusher normally costs $197, but this week you get a huge discount.

If you act now (14 hours left) the price is only $37. After that it goes up to $47, and it’s still a good bargain.

You get videos that show you step by step how to do a webinar.

You get webinar templates (these are really helpful).

Plus other bonuses…

==> http://malka.im/e/webinarcrusher

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. "Do uncomfortable things" – do things other people avoid, and become a winner: ==> http://malka.im/e/webinarcrusher

Of course there is a strong money-back guarantee. No worries. You should get this.

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