[Affiliate Marketing] Sorry, you didn’t get it (mail 2 of 6)

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I almost didn’t write this email.

Not because you failed (and you did).

But because I got busy reading some REALLY great stuff about THE best way to send traffic.

(Here it is, if you’re curious, but I’ll tell you more about it later: http://malka.im/e/nexus )


Because yesterday I asked you if you could figure out the best way to send traffic to your site, be it affiliate products, reviews or even your own products, and you didn’t get it.

You had no clue what it was that would be the best way to send traffic.

Maybe you thought it was AdWords, or articles, or podcasts, or Facebook ads, or something completely different.

Or maybe you just didn’t have a idea about it at all.

Normally, I get answers to my mails, but to the one I sent you yesterday? Not one.

Okay, since you didn’t figure it out, I’ll tell you the best way to send traffic to your site:

By telling folks to go there in an email.

Simple, eh?

Even a link near your signature in an ordinary one-to-one email works wonders.

Yes, I’ve tested that since 1995. (Maybe 1996, not important.)

So if there’s one thing you MUST do for your business it’s to build a list.

How Do You Start?

People get stuck on this.

They don’t know how to start building a list.

They think about all the unknown factors, the obstacles, the fees…

And then they give up.

Or they give it a half-a… baked try and start a list on AWeber (for free, first month) and then drop it.

The two and a half mail they sent their list didn’t make them any money anyway, so list building sucks. Email marketing doesn’t work.

That’s such a pity.

You want to know how I started?

No? Never mind, I’ll tell you anyway.

I asked ten friends to join my list. To be honest, I didn’t really give them a choice.

It took me weeks to get that result and I'll show you further down how you can get it in a day. Even thousands in a day.
It took me weeks to get that result and I’ll show you further down how you can get it in a day. Even thousands in a day.

Those ten people grew to 100 (and I got scared) and then to 1000 and finally to 5000, before I scared most of them away again by letting my useless piece of crap autoresponder send the same message 17 times.

You live and learn.

Don’t make it more complicated than it is.

Basically you need people, and a way to communicate with them.

You also need to convince them to "sign up" to get your mails.

There are so many ways to do that.

Okay, this mail is already way too long, so I’ll just give you the solution here:

Go here to solve your traffic problems for good: http://malka.im/e/nexus

This product is GOOD!


And now I want to get back to reading it 🙂

See you tomorrow, where you’ll learn more about how to grow your list. And yes, you have a list. Maybe there’s only one person on it right now, you, but you have a start.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. List Building Nexus – http://malka.im/e/nexus – is a compilation of great products related to list building. The price is ridiculously low, but it goes up all the time (dime sale) and I HIGHLY recommend you get it, because you’ll discover a LOT about building a list, writing to your list, getting your mails opened… And you need all that to get traffic.

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