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Hi there 🙂


That leg of lamb last night… It was delicious! And the potatoes!

Cyril had cooked, and I think it was the best lamb he’s cooked ever!

I prepared a chocolate mousse. It wasn’t half bad either 😉

Frostie took part in the party. He got a few bites of lamb and a little cream from the dessert. He was one happy cat.

“I don’t know how to pick a niche”

That’s a statement I’ve read a lot of times on the survey, I gave you to fill out.

So I guess it’s a common problem, and yes, it can be a tough one.

Because once we have a niche, we will have to invest time – and often money – in that niche.

My first advice has always been to start with your passion, but there’s more to it than that.

An Example of a Bad Niche

For many years, my husband worked within a niche he had a lot of knowledge about as one of the few in Denmark (where we once lived).

I helped him, and we spend many hours weekly working on helping people and spreading knowledge. The niche was cults/sects, like Jehovas Witnesses, Scientology and others. All sects in fact.

During those years we helped hundreds of people, but we made almost no money.

We got into a lot of trouble, because those sects hate it when they lose money, so checks disappeared in the mail (cost us a lot of fees), we received threats from lawyers and members of sects…

What was wrong?

To be honest, my husband didn’t go into this niche to make money, but to help. Or we would have stopped our work a long time ago. (He has now, by the way.)

But as you’ll see in a moment, when you follow my link, one way to find a niche is to go where people are having a problem they want to have solved.

We got that one right, but they didn’t want to spend money in that niche…

So money-wize it was a bad choice.

So how DO you pick a niche?

This is the best way I’ve EVER seen it explained:


Read these pages…

They are worth GOLD!

That is absolutely the best source I’ve ever come over when it comes to teaching how to find a niche.

And I hope you’ll agree with me.

Go there, read and take notes, and then take action:

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Wondering how to pick a niche? Learn it here ==>>

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