400 year old proof: Video beats text

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Hi there 🙂


Do you ever have days where nothing works as it should?

I’ve just had three such days.

Wasted hours Tuesday on one thing (still not fixed). Wasted hours yesterday on another thing (not fixed either).

And today, I wasted hours on a domain. Found the problem, and know how to fix it. So I’m going to take a few at a time and get it all fixed in a week.

But still… It’s annoying! I hate to waste time.

  1. What will win? Video or text?
  2. Funny Stuff
  3. Nothing today

What will win? Video or text?

Personally, I prefer to read, but I have 400 year old proof that video will out-rank text anytime.

Do you know Hamlet?

Of course you do. Who was he? A prince of Denmark?

Yes, that’s true. Do you also know where he lived?

Of course, you say, because you know your Shakespeare, and you know that he lived on a Castle in Helsinore.


He wasn’t even called Hamlet, but Amlet.

And he lived in Jutland, not in Helsinore, and he didn’t even die in the end of the story.

The story about the historical Amlet was told by Saxo, written down in the 13th century.

But the tragic story we know today, is the theatrical version by Shakespeare. He turned the text into “video”, something you could watch.

I saw the play, once, many years ago. The Old Vic Theatre visited Denmark, and Hamlet was played by Derek Jacoby. They played it on an outdoor scene at the Castle of Helsinore, of course.

I loved it!

But you can just as well learn from it and adapt. Video will win.

At the moment, I’m exploring the latest thing: Google Hangouts.

They are really cool!

Funny Stuff

Laundry schedule…


Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Everybody reads a P.S.

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