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Hi there 🙂

You’ll want this link in a moment:

I’m more or less back after a holiday yesterday.

So I have a few things to catch up with, and then prepare for the weekend, which is starting tonight.

What about you?

  1. Watch your visitors’ actions and learn
  2. Awesome IM Backlink
  3. Squidoo Alternative?
  4. Funny Stuff
  5. Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

Watch your visitors’ actions and learn

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually SEE for yourself, what your visitors did on your blog?

If you could spot the problems they had?

Or what content they skipped?

Or how far they read?

I’ve been testing a plugin that does exactly that.

And I watched a poor man watching 16 seconds of my menu only, because he used an iPhone, and on that blog I’d forgotten to add a mobile theme.

I also saw a spammer leave a comment, and after that I could make life more difficult for other spammers.

And I noticed that some people only read as far as the beginning of a review post, so I put an extra link to the product up there and made more sales.

This plugin will go live in seven hours, so I’ll send you a reminder.

You can get the link already now, just in case my reminder doesn’t arrive on time:

It’s a dime-sale, so maybe you should set an alarm to get there early. It goes live at 1PM EST.

Awesome IM Backlink

I’m too lazy to work on back-links, and maybe that’s one of the things that has saved from the Google zoo.

So far, I haven’t been punished by Google, but why should they?

I add content to my blogs. I use only a few keywords. I don’t build tons of backlinks.

The few I’ve done and which really works weren’t really made to get backlinks. More to get traffic directly from those links.

One place, I’ve found and which is working really well in the Internet Marketing niche, is the Warrior Forum blog.

If you’re a member of the Warrior Forum, you’re allowed to write blog posts. Very few do it. I’ve written a few blog posts only. But I’ve noticed that they show up as high-value backlinks to my blog.

I share this with you, because there aren’t that many people on this list, and I want to give you valuable tips you can use. I suggest that you don’t share it with others. Let’s keep this a high-value backlinking possibility.

Squidoo Alternative?

I’m moving my lenses to my own blogs, but I had some that didn’t fit into any of the blogs I have.

Today, I heard about a new site that might be the answer to those “single” lenses.

It was PotPieGirl who mentioned it as a site she moves lenses to when she had locked lenses.

Check it out here – I just signed up myself:

Funny Stuff

I wonder if you know these nights, too?

Or is it just me?

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

Nah, we’ll start from scratch next time 🙂

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. Come back here at 1PM EST =>

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