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You’ll want this link in a moment: http://malka.im/e/postsocializer

Another busy day in Haifa.

I went to the post office today, and received a hardcover book called The Ten Commandments of Comedy as a review copy. I’m looking forward to reading it.

And I thought about you on my way, because the shops had summer dresses for sale, although it might be a little premature. It’s getting warmer here, but it’s not summer yet.

Funny Stuff

My son posted a YouTube video, and I watched it and shared.

You’ll love it 😀 Here’s the link:


Now to Some Confessions…

I’m a plugin-a-holic.

There! I admitted it.

And the worst thing is that I don’t feel like wanting to cure this illness.

So I use plenty of plugins on my blogs – different ones on different blogs.

I often go through them and unclutter and remove the ones that didn’t perform as well as I hoped. Or isn’t updated. Or that I just don’t have any use for longer.

But that’s one of the things I love about WordPress – you can so easily add features to your blog, just by installing a plugin.

And I just found the most AWESOME plugin…

A while ago, I promoted a product called PinterMunch which used a combination of a blog, Amazon and Pinterest, and I believed in that product. I went ahead and bought a new theme for an existing blog that had NEVER made me any money, and I implemented the PinterMunch method (you can read about it here: http://jvz7.com/c/4576/28823)

Funny thing was that I almost immediately made money with it. Nope, it didn’t turn me into a millionaire, but this domain that had never made me a dime, all of a sudden got three sales, and I think the total was a little less than $10. Still money!

But I’m lazy, and I already have a lot of things to do, and after a few days, I stopped posting to this blog again. Because I wanted to be able to make all my posts once a week, and then it should automatically pin the pictures to Pinterest.

That just wasn’t possible.

It is now!

Wooooooot! I got an email with a promotion for this little plugin that can automatically post your blog post to several different social sites of your choice. My choice for this blog was Pinterest only.

But I can use it on all my sites, and the price is so low that I didn’t have to think twice about it.

Automate your traffic campaigns so they go to work for you! http://malka.im/e/postsocializer

So now I can make a fortune with that blog LOL 😀

More Shiny New Plugins

While I bought the Post Socializer plugin, I got review access to two other plugins, and one has already launched.

I just didn’t have enough time to test it, yet. Oh, yes, test it alright, but I need a bonus for you, so I’ll write about it in a few days, I hope.

If you’re really curious about which plugin I talk about then look here (and come back and ask for your bonus, if you buy it): http://malka.im/e/bonuspress

It’s definitely a plugin with a huge potential.

And I’m looking forward to telling you more about a third plugin that will launch March 26th – I’m already using it 😛

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