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I was complaining to my husband about the feeling I have of not getting enough done.

For every 100 tasks, I finish, there are always 1000 new waiting… Or so it feels. And I often have this nagging feeling of going in circles and just not getting things done.

He said that I should drop the idea of writing the last chapters of my book about blogging today, and just do the other things I meant to do.

There is just so much I would love to do, like writing more blog posts; writing more books; creating more Squidoo lenses; recording more videos; learning Hebrew better; learning how to play the piano; learning more about graphics, just for fun, and how to use Illustrator.

But then there’s checking bank accounts; going to the post office; cleaning up the kitchen; proofreading my husband’s writings in Danish; eating delicious food, my husband made (yummy)… All the little things that take time.

Enough whining 😉 I once knew an accountant in the company I worked in, and I hated going to her office, because I would always waste 5-10 minutes listening to her complaints about how she never had enough time to get her job done.

I bet that if she talked less and worked more, she would have 😉 But I didn’t have the age or courage to tell her so back then.

But all that doing-little-things that take time made me think of a cool site I used to use daily, because it actually helped me keep track of how much I did manage to do. And how much time I spend on little things.

And I thought: Maybe I should start using it again? And maybe it could help you, too, keeping track of your day?

Anyway, take a look. It’s free in the basic version, and that’s all that I’ve been using so far.

It’s based on the Pomodoro Method, and you can use a timer and work one Pomodoro at a time 😀

I found that it also helped me not getting disturbed, since I could tell friends: I’ll get back to you in half a Pomodoro. And they knew I would.

Unless I forgot about it, in which case they had to time me and get back in one of my breaks, but that’s what’s friends are for, isn’t it? Understanding you? 😀

Here’s the site, and now I better get some more work done, before going World of Warcraft:

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