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I know… It won’t help to kick myself. So why am I doing it?

I’ll tell you my reasons in a moment. First, I’m going to share with you that the sun is shining here, and it’s hot, and we’re going to barbecue for lunch.

Did I tell you that I love living here in Haifa? Oh? Many times already? Well, I do 😀

Back to the reason why I’m kicking myself for missing an opportunity. Why did I miss it?

Hm, don’t really know why. Time? Forgetfulness? Who knows…

Here’s the story. In November last year, a person I was friend with on Facebook, but whom I didn’t really know, left me the following message on Facebook:

Hey there Britt how are you?
Just came across some of your work online and was just really wanting to connect and say hello…
I’ve just finished up on a recent project, and now want to connect with like minded, successful individuals
Hope you don’t mind and if you ever have a minute to talk, I’d love to have a chat. Maybe over Skype? Or even here on PM is fine..
Cheers Britt
Joey Xoto

I gave him my Skype ID, and he wrote back to thank me and said that he wanted to know more about my business.

We connected through Skype, but it was weekend, and we agreed to talk after. But we never did.

Until yesterday, where my friend Adrienne started to talk about a new video course she would like to get. This guy makes videos for Alex Jeffreys, she said.


For my inner eye, I immediately saw a face and a last name: Xoto.

Yes, the person who has just launched this immensely popular video course was the same person, who contacted me in November. It’s in fact his first product release ever.

I know that you might be one of the persons who’re interested in learning more about creating videos. I know that I am, although I rarely make them. Soooo… I contacted Joey through Skype and asked if it was too late to join the launch. He said it wasn’t. I asked him, if I had the time to do a real review before the price went up, and he said, yes, he would keep the same price probably for a couple of weeks.

So if you’re considering buying Joey Xoto’s video course, you should know that I’m going to review it, so you’ll soon know the good, the bad and the really ugly or awesome about it.

If you want to take a look now to see if you might be interested in my reviews or not, you can check Joey’s product here:

Another product I’m going to review is a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to give a bonus, when somebody buys an affiliate product through your link. It’s looking very promising… now that it works, LOL.

I struggled with the installation last night (very late) and asked the product creator if he’d heard about others having problems. Nope. So he asked for access to my blog. I said that it might be a problem with one of my other plugins that caused it, and when he logged in, his first words were:

oh wow, there are a lot of other plugins

that def could be the issue….

Yeah, well, one of my many weaknesses 😉

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