Oh wow, it’s almost been Summer here today :)

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Good things are worth sharing, and I know that you might be in an area of the world that’s covered in ice and snow at the moment. I can tell you first hand: Spring is on its way!

The temperature reached 34 degrees celcius here in Haifa this afternoon (= 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit, Google tells me).

I love it! It was so hot and awesome on the balcony. My cat, Frostie the Geek, joined me out there, and I asked him what he thought, and he said meow, which meant that he would like me to carry him so he could watch the birds.

And I’ve been really busy. I had a couple of weeks totally (almost) off where I did little more than play World of Warcraft. Now I’m back and full of energy.

Today, I’ve updated my book Squick Money: 15-Minute Squidoo System. I’ve proofread a chapter in a Danish book, my husband is writing. I’ve participated in an awesome webinar by Barbara Ling. I’ve added several mails to an autoresponder series.

And in a moment, I’ll do a second read through an eBook about keyword research I’ve received a review copy of. Plus look at a WordPress plugin that will be sold from Friday. A plugin that can add a bonus to your blog for affiliate marketing.

Oh, yes, I received the 3D version of a book cover I’ve ordered (yesterday) and ordered a new book cover for my husband’s book just now.

Isn’t that being busy? LOL

Wanna see my new cover? (jumping up and down) Yes? Oh, great 🙂

Here it is – and I only need to write two more chapters of the book, and then it’s finished.

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