Waking Up Without an Alarm Clock

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RunathelHi there 🙂 Yesterday, when I played World of Warcraft, one of my friends contacted me in-game. Blizzard, the company who makes WoW, has come up with a system so that players can communicate even though they are on different servers and even different factions (horde and alliance, the two enemies).

Yesterday, I was a tough-hitting blood elf, almost at maximum level, and my friend is a dwarf. As such, we are natural enemies, and we mock each other with that. (In the picture, you can see my blood elf, Runathel, when she was lvl 58. Now she’s lvl 89.)

Anyway, he started out asking me how I was, and I said “fine, but tired”, and then he asked why I was tired. And this is where the whole World of Warcraft connects to the Internet marketing lifestyle. I’ll tell you why I was tired in a moment, and why my dwarf friend became jealous of me.

I was tired for a very simple reason: I’d gone to bed late (3:30AM) and got up again at 9AM. No, I hadn’t been playing all night. Actually, I played WoW until midnight, where another friend came online on Skype. We talked a couple of hours, and then I got inspired to do some work.

“Yes, that wasn’t smart going to bed that late, when you had to get up at 9,” the dwarf said.

“Oh, but I didn’t have to get up,” I told him. “I went up at 9, because I like to get up as early as possible. But I can get up when I want, and I never use an alarm clock.”

“Now I am jealous of you,” he said. But I reminded him of the fact that he loved his job, and getting up at a specific time is a necessary part of most people’s lives, when they have a job.

And that’s really one of the things I appreciate the most by not having a job, but being my own boss and living the Internet marketing lifestyle.

Today, I woke up a little after six. I got up, turned on the water heater for my shower, went back to bed to wait for the water to heat. That’s a relaxing way to start the day.

Long before 8, I was sitting at my computer, writing, adding some things to that day’s planning, and feeling good.

We decided to do a barbecue because the Spring really has arrived here, and then we watched an episode of Moonlighting. After that, I wrote a couple of blog posts and took a powernap (20 mins).

That’s what the Internet marketing lifestyle is for me. It’s not going to the beach daily (although it could be), driving fast cars (we live close to everything and don’t need a car). It’s being able to do what I want, when I want, and at the speed I decide to do things in.

And now I’m going to publish this blog post and play some World of Warcraft. Have fun! And if you’re not an Internet marketer already, I highly recommend that you make it your goal to become one. It’s awesome 🙂

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