iWriter Strategy – Work Smarter, Not Harder

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If you are going to make some extra money writing for iWriter, you can just as well do it in a way that will bring in the most money. This blog post will teach you some iWriter strategy you hopefully can use.

First, I want you to know that I only recommend ghost writing for others as long as you don’t have other projects that can bring in passive income. When you are writing for iWriter or other places, you sell your time. If you write PLR articles, or eBooks and reports, you sell yourself, you can get passive income even years later.

Read more about my opinion of iWriter in this blog post: Earn Money by Writing articles – Is iWriter an Option? Or Should You Stay Far Away?

If iWriter promote their service as a way to “get dirt cheap articles” (see Tiffany Dow’s comment here), you can just as well fire back with some strategy to make you more money.

Reach Elite Status

Become an Elite Writer at iWriter

You can earn more per article, when you reach Premium or Elite status. You will still get 81% of the price for the normal articles, but you get access to write higher priced articles from people who wants Premium or Elite writers to write their articles.

The price of these articles can get really high. A few moments ago, I saw an offer of a 300 word article for $8.10 in profit to the writer. Not bad!

So if your strategy is to make money writing on iWriter, I highly recommend that you get there as fast as possible.

To become an Elite writer, you need at least 30 articles approved, and at least a rating of 4.6 stars.

What is the fastest way to get there?

By writing 30 x 150 word articles for requesters with a high rating.

Why Should You Chose 150 Word Articles at iWriter?

Why 150 word articles? Because they are faster to write. You’re even given some of the 150 words, since the requester will ask you to write specific keywords in the article. So a 150 word article will quickly end at 130-140 words.

Here’s a guy who wants a review done for an Amazon article – 150 words. THAT’s a guy who knows nothing about affiliate marketing, but what do you care?

He has the following keywords: “Booster Pac ES2500 900 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter” – 10 words. If you have to mention them twice in your article, that leaves you 130 words to write. How fast can you type down 150 words?

Oh, by the way, that special job might not be for you. Guy wants “Usa writer only.”

Later in this blog post, I’ll give you another reason for writing the 150 word articles.

Why Should You Care About the Requester’s Ranking?

When you write an article, and get it either approved or rejected, you can give star rankings to the requester.

If a requester approves very fast, and if you were happy with the job, give him 5 stars. Please, also write in your comment WHY you gave him 5 stars. This will help other writers decide whom to write for.

A requester with a high ranking is a good requester to work for. If he approves articles faster, you get your money faster.

And you can also see how many percentages of the articles he’s approved and how many he’s rejected.

To begin with, you should only write for requesters who approve 100% of the articles. Obviously, if you do a lousy job, he might reject yours, but you’ll avoid serial rejecters, and you stand a much higher change of having your article approved.

Size DOES Matter at iWriter

size matters at iWriter

If we don’t take special requests and Premium and Elite article requests, and only look at the amount you’ll earn from writing an article, size does matter.

Yes, you make more dollars from a 1000 word article than from a 150 word, of course, but let’s look at the price per 100 words instead.

These calculations tell a totally different story.

Article Word Count Your Price per Article Price per 100 words
150 words 1.01 0.67
300 words 1.62 0.54
500 words 2.43 0.49
700 words 4.05 0.58
1000 words 6.08 0.61

So if you want to gain as much as you can per word, you must write 150 word articles. Given that you’re even offered a lot of those words as keywords, your gain gets much higher.

Write Well and Get Tipped

If an article requester is satisfied with your work, he can give you a tip. See it as an opportunity to get paid to become a better writer.

My guess is, though, that you will not get many tips from people who want 150 word articles, or even 300 word articles, because they are after the “dirt cheap” articles, Brad Callen promoted.

(Ironic, though, that people who are really cheap skates and orders 150 word articles, pay more per 100 words than the others, hehe.)

Do your best, but don’t spend hours writing these articles. If you feel that an article will take you long time to research and write, then don’t take that job. Remember: You are selling your hours for money. Use them well. Pick the articles you can crank out fast, and still deliver high quality.

Wrap It Up: iWriter Strategy

Get to Premium or Elite level as fast as possible.

Stay there by delivering high quality articles.

By doing a good job, you also get a change to receive tips.

If you’re after the highest pay per word, write 150 articles – and second best: 1000 word articles.

And remember, always: Use this as an extra income stream. Not as your main income. You don’t build your business this way. You only sell your time.

3 thoughts on “iWriter Strategy – Work Smarter, Not Harder”

  1. Thanks for this blog post because it really does put things into perspective. My initial plan with iWriter was to use it as a funding source for many of my marketing projects that require specializes soft ware, and other costly essentials. I also thought of it as a way to buy gas and some tacos.

    I have found it hard to stay motivated while writing these cheap articles. I’ve been stuck at the premium level for the last few weeks, but with your strategy I hope to reach elite status by the end of next week. My rating is 4.4088 and I hope to rocket it above 4.6. I want to write the 1000 word $16 and $25 articles, and the $5.67 300 word articles.


    1. You’re welcome, Mike, and good luck with reaching your goal. In lack of a better word, for – as my husband says – luck has nothing to do with it 🙂

  2. Hi Britt,
    This is the best and most informative post i’ve ever read about iwriter, thanks a lot for the effort. It is well-researched and properly structured article. I am a student and I was searching for some site to start a writing career when I bumped into your website. After reading your post, I am encouraged to write in iwriter.
    Thanks you
    Have a great day.

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