I don’t get it – why does he put that much work into copying and scamming?

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Romando Popim or Patrick K. O'BrienAt the moment, I’m doing quite a lot of forum marketing, and on one forum after another, I stumbled upon the same man, who made excellent posts. Or so it seemed.

I was impressed, to begin with. I mean, he cranked out one post after another that should be sticky.

But then I saw that same man getting banned at different forums, and other members writing about how he copied posts from Warrior Forum.

What really puzzles me is: Why does he do it? He must be spending a huge amount of time, joining forums, putting up his picture, writing answers to the copied posts, he makes. All that to have his links removed, his accounts banned, and getting himself a really bad name in business.

Romando Popim, is what he calls himself.

When I searched for his name, I saw a full threat of people having been scammed in ad swapping by him. They send him lots of clicks. He never returned the favour.

What’s the purpose? Can’t he see that he’s riding a locomotive that’s gaining more and more speed, headed towards a lavine?

Update:This evening, I fell over this man’s face but with another name attacked. This time it was Patrick K. O’Brien – http://www.warriorforum.com/members/pobrien.html

3 thoughts on “I don’t get it – why does he put that much work into copying and scamming?”

  1. Some people have no scrupples whatsoever, so he might just be playing people anticipating that when he is a person who contributes in some forums, he could never be so unscrupulous.

    Some people are naïve, and he probably hopes to get away with it.

    Thanks for the warning. Will keep the name in mind if I see it. [But he’s probably going to change that at some point]

  2. I feel that he is seeking recognition to fill a void within himself, and this is the only way he knows how at the moment.

    Let’s hope that that he can turn things around and, with the willing help of many people online, learn to re-create a truly positive and honest persona.

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