Turn Your Articles Into Videos With No Effort and Get the Most Out of Your Articles

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Some prefer the book, others wait for the movie.

You can reach all of your targeted audience by creating both the article, and the video.

Now, some of you are writers, like I am. I prefer to write an article above making a video. If you are like me, this is an easy way to turn your article into a video with just a few clicks.

Look at the result I got – and I even got comments on YouTube:

Well, obviously robot speach isn't perfect. Later, maybe, but it's pretty good, as it is, and you could in fact improve this point. But this movie only took me a few minutes to create. See here, how I did:

First I logged in at http://www.articlevideorobot.com.

There I chose to make a new video from scratch. You can use a one-click-guide, if your article is already online.

I copied the headline and put it in one field, and I copied the rest of the article and put that into another field. Then I clicked Next.

Automatically the article was divided into sections.

Next I had to choose the voice (you can speak yourself, if you want), the background picture (you can upload your own), and the music (again, you can upload your own).

I wrote the website, I wanted to point the video to, and the text that will show up in YouTube.

Finally, I uploaded directly to YouTube.

You can test this service for free. If you want to become a member, you can use this link http://www.articlevideorobot.com/buy.html and if you put in the coupon code malka30, guess what? You get 30% discount.

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