Even DeathKnights Want To Make Money Online

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DeathKnight (DK) from World of Warcraft wants to make money onlineIt is no secret that when I have some spare time in the evenings, I play World of Warcraft, and of course that implies a lot of talking, too. Once in a while I talk about my work, if you can call it that: Making money on the Internet. One of my friends in this game is very interested, but since he's a student with a special scolarship, he might be forced to wait.

But he told somebody else, a level 80 (which is max level) DeathKnight, and this guy too, is interested.

So tonight I'm going to tell him the basis principles about making money online, and they are:

Basically You Can Make Money Online in Three Ways

People go to the Internet to get information or entertainment. So your job is to give people what they want.

So the three ways to make money on the Internet are:

  • Writing
  • Giving
  • Selling

Basically you can make money writing (or making videos or audio files), you can give things away, or you can sell stuff.

Make Money Online by Writing

When you write something like a blog or articles on a home page, you can put ads on the site and thus make money from your ads. I use AdSense myself, because Google uses hints from the text, the pictures, the headlines and the URL to choose contextual ads. The ads are targeted to your audience, which will give you more clicks on the ads and that way bring you more income.

Make Money Online by Giving

You can give things away. This may sound easy, but it's not any longer. People are so used to get things of lousy quality for free that you have to do a lot of convincing in order to make them receive your gift.

Whatever you give away must be of very high quality. People will like it, and when they see what you give away for free, they automatically thing that what you sell, eventually, will be of even higher quality.

How can you make money giving things away? In several ways. If you get their names and email addresses in exchange for your gift, you can always contact them again. Or you can use ads, where the advertiser pays you for sending them a potential client.

Make Money Online Selling

This is obvious, of course. You can sell stuff, either your own stuff, or things made by others. The products can be info products (ebooks, videos, audio books, music) or physical products.

Now, Where do you Start?

If you want to start making money online, choose something you are passionate about and make a blog about it. You can make money from things you don't like, of course, but it might take time before you make any income, so it's more fun to earn nothing from something that's at least fun to do.

You can combinate the three methods and both have ads, sell stuff and give things away from the same site.

Photo: Photo credits to my husband for letting me use his DeathKnight BlackFate as illustration for this blog post.

5 thoughts on “Even DeathKnights Want To Make Money Online”

  1. Thank you for your thank you.

    BlackFate is on he european Turalyon server and is a Horde (Blood Elf).

    And he is making a lot of gold too by using some of this principles in fact. I often just give things away on the trade channel.

    People tend then to remember the name.

    Always good for business 😀

  2. Im am the level 80 Death Knight in question and I cant wait to get rolling on this. I already do some of this in WOW, I boost in dungeons for free and give things away for free, even gold!!(But I dont to beggers). You are absolutly right, I have made more than I have given.

    Thanks again for your help and I look forward to future correspondants.

  3. Hey Paindealer,

    In fact, I have always helped people and mostly for free (it has happened, that I took money though). Sometimes, I have even helped people and given them gold afterwards.

    But correct, I always report beggars as spam, never give them anything and put them on my ignorelist (and VanasKoS hatelist).

    Funny enough, even though I have given a lot, I have only been a bit short on money once, when I had to buy epic mount for Scorpyo when she got lvl 60. I missed 200 gold (that my other chars send her, but then they were nomoney for a day or 2), but then I had bought a Bear in Dalaran, a banktab for the guild and stuff, so… well… It was a bit short 🙂

    Otherwise, i have never been short for money even though I have given a lot away.

    Looking forward to meet you at Blade’s Edge.

  4. Hi BlackScorpyo,

    I am the same, I never seem short of gold so im happy to give what I can, gave 100 gold to a new guild member today. He couldnt believe his luck and hasnt stopped thanking me. I told him the way I know of to level quick and to make money quick, I think i have a fan for life. I must admit though im still saving for my epic mount and would have it by now if it wasnt for that but im not complaining. A happy guild is a good guild I say.

    As for beggers, well I dont add them to my ignore list. Only very rude people get that treatment and so far I have met only 1, which in a MMORPG is a miracle!. I do have Macro’s for beggers and power levelers / gold sellers that is too the point and most people dont reply after that. 🙂 (politely put of course)
    I just couldnt beg for money myself, seems somehow wrong.

    Looking forward to meeting you too BlackScorpyo. I like to meet nice people 🙂

    Speak to you soon,



  5. Read through your lesson 1, found it very informative. I have looked at the places suggested and have some ideas as to a direction I want to take but am a little hesitant to start the blog. I dont want to rush into it and get it wrong – some words of wisdom perhaps and some reasurch needed before I commit though im excited about it and looking forward too it. In the next few days after looking into it a bit deeper and talked to you I shall take th plunge. I have looked at your husband’s site and it has given me food for thought (even thought my French is almost no existant) it did show me how easy it can be.
    Q) are there any copyright issues I should be aware of.

    I have alot of other questions but they can wait as I think they will be answer as I work on the blog.

    Speak to you soon


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