[Making Money] THIS scares me (read this ASAP)

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I’m not easily scared, but I must confess that THIS terrifies me.

You’ve probably heard about these huge launches where the big boys (more often boys than girls, in fact) make hundreds of thousands of dollars during one launch.

I am in Skype groups with a few who have done that.

I am Skype friends with others who have done that.

And when I hear about I think:

  • Scary! What if I made all those money and PayPal closed my account?

Yeah, I admit, it’s stupid.

And I have things to learn, that’s for sure.

One of the guys who made half a million during one launch says that you need to have high-ticket products to do that.

And yet, I’m Skype friend with a guy who did it with a $10 product.

He’s totally nice and down to earth, and when I met him and asked him for a review copy, and he answered as if I was the only affiliate in the world he had to spend time on.

Later I found out that 250 others had made the same request.

Woaw! 🙂

Why am I talking about all this now?

Well, because I got a chance to look over the shoulders of a team that made more than 14,000 sales and almost half a million dollars with a low priced product.

Yes, the Skype friend I told you about and his two team mates.

His name is Ankur Shukla, by the way.

I don’t know if I’ll have time to watch all the videos before launch, but I’ll go through as many as I can, and then tell you what I think about

BackupBeast Secret Files

The sales page looks good. No hype and it reveals that Ankur had zero sales of his second product 😀

It also shows that the first week of the three week course is about:

“How to Get Your Own Product To Sell For FREE Within A Matter Of Days (And No, This Isn’t PLR Junk.)”


Right, this was meant to be a short mail, and I’m going to watch videos now, so I’ll stop here.

Best regards,
Britt Malka

P.S. I’ll be back in less than 9 hours with my verdict.

P.P.S. My cat, Frostie, and my puppy, Nefnef, are finally starting to get along. Well, Nefnef has always wanted to play, but her way (biting games). Now Frostie accepts her, and she’s more calm. She’s figured out that Frostie doesn’t enjoy biting games, and now she’s using her paw instead, like she’s seen Frostie do. (She doesn’t do the hissing and spitting…)

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