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Hello there 🙂 I was asked to do a review of ListGIANT, and since I’m in Internet marketing, and I assume that you are, too, I thought it sounded interesting.

An organized place to find lists to promote offers to?


However, I was quickly disappointed by two things.

Abundant Lists?

If you’re working in the Internet marketing niche, you will probably have to use the Biz Opp lists. There seems to be three of them.

Any other topic? Health has two lists or areas, I’m not sure: Ailments and diabetes.

What if I would like to promote a product about learning how to say no? Well, nothing seems to fit that topic.


I dived into the Biz Opp lists to learn more about them, if I were to send out an offer there. And much to my surprise I saw that they found that self-improvement belonged to this group.

So I might be able to promote the how to say no product here. Weird…

Prices in that group go from 0.03 to 0.20 – volume prices they call them, so I guess that if you only want to send to a few people, then you have to pay at least $0.20 per … what? Click? Members on the list? Leads? I don’t know. ListGIANT has a form you can fill out to get a quote.

Free Trial

Yay, I had considered asking for a free trial, before I wrote this review, so I could tell you more about how the service worked, and then I saw it on their site. Free trial.

I filled out the form…

And this is what I got:


As you can see, my chosen password is marked in red. I don’t know why. I had first chosen a shorter one, and then I got the red color around the field. No explanation. So I took a longer password, which included both letters and numbers, and then I got the red color again.

ListGIANT might need to work on that issue. I used Firefox on a Mac.

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