Review of Azon Home Study Course (Azon Master Class) by Ryan Stevenson

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Hi there 🙂 If you’re like me and always strive to learn move and to get better, then you might be wondering if you should get Ryan Stevenson’s Azon Home Study Course or not.

Review of Azon Home Study Course (Azon Master Class) by Ryan StevensonI’m making this review to help you take a decision, and as always… if you still have unanswered questions after you’ve read this, please let me know what you want to know more about in the comments.

Let’s get started. I plan to tell you what you get, how the product is, what you can expect to learn from it, which shortcomings it has, what I liked the most about it, and what I didn’t like.

To give you a quick overview, the Azon Home Study Course is a course that can work on its own or in connection with products you already have. It goes right from picking the product/products, to find out their potential and to build the home page. Ryan promises to show his entire strategy, step-by-step.

Three Choices

The Azon Home Study Course consists of 12 modules, and you have three options to choose from, depending on your learning style, experience level and budget:

I got review access to option 2, but I already bought some of Ryan’s plugins earlier and love them.

Do I Know Ryan Stevenson

Yes, I knew Ryan beforehand. I got one of his plugins a while ago, and then another one, and I liked them. I don’t remember why and how, but we connected on Skype, and that’s also how I learned about his upcoming launch of this product.

My impression of Ryan is that he’s a nice guy, hard-working, honest, caring about his clients, too.

But let’s get back to the product, the Azon Home Study Course (or Azon Master Class).

How Are the eBooks?

As mentioned, they are around 20-40 pages long, and they are VERY well-written in a clear and understandable language. They also contain lots of illustrations.

While I read them, it happened a few times that I had questions I would have love to have answered, so I asked Ryan to elaborate. Then I got it. It was just details, but still good to know. And Ryan said that it was okay to ask him questions like that, which had to do with understanding the text.

I love the way these eBooks go into details that I hadn’t even thought about. I learned a lot right from the beginning. I would say that they are both for beginners as well as experienced Amazon affiliates.

The advice given is completely white hat. And I agree with his point of view: You’re not here to sell products to your readers. You’re there to help them get the best product. And by doing so, you’ll get happy readers who don’t return their product.

Haha, he made me laugh with his remark about how you should write the reviews, “You don't have to be an Amazon Shakespeare.” LOL

How Are the Videos

I’m a reader, mostly, but I did watch some of the videos, and my first impression was, “Oh, what a pleasant voice.”

Ryan makes you feel calm and in good hands.

His voice is loud and clear, and he explains very well. There are no hesitations. No messing around. No sniffing or slurping… It’s a really pleasant experience to watch those videos, and you do get extra information that I didn’t see in the PDF-files. Maybe not a lot, but some here and there that might be helpful.

I asked Ryan about this, and yes, I was right. There are things mentioned in the videos which are not in the PDF files. He said:

The PDF is intended to be a guidebook for the video and also as a reference tool for later. The videos do basically follow along with the PDFs, but there are things in the videos that can't be found in the PDFs – mostly extra tips of mine and also some additional strategies. For example, in the Facebook class, I share a script that can be used to scrape UIDs from FB groups, but this isn't found in the PDFs. I partially did this to add some extra value to the videos that isn't found in the PDFs, even though they are still meant as a guide for the videos.

If you want both the videos and the PDF files, I would suggest that you go all in and take the plugins as well, since those can help you make even more money.

What I Really Loved

There were so many tips that I knew nothing about. Also, the way he shows you to make a fantastic looking menu on the last pages of the Site Construction 1 document is awesome!

What I Didn’t Like

I would have loved it, if it had been possible to comment or ask questions on the same page where I found the eBooks and videos.

My Conclusion

This Azon Home Study Couse is really good. I am very impressed by its quality and all the details Ryan shares. I get the feeling that he’s open and sharing everything he knows. Not holding anything back. And he certainly has a huge knowledge about building Amazon review sites and make them helpful rather than obviously selling.

If you want to start building Amazon sites, then this course is absolutely for you.

If you already have Amazon sites and want to improve your conversion, then there’s a lot in this course that will help you.

It’s highly motivating and inspiring, too. You’ll enjoy following it, that’s for sure! And if you get it, please write in the comments here what you thought about it.

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