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Hi 🙂 It’s evening here now, and except for the lights from the city, it’s dark outside. So I was sitting here and thinking about a really cool thing I saw a while ago on a blog. It’s one of those small issues that can make a huge difference.

Have you ever read a blog post, and then read something you felt like sharing with others? Maybe not the whole blog post, but this sentence here that was funny, or bright, or resonated with you somehow?

I know that I have.

The only solution was to select that part and copy it and share it myself either on Facebook or Twitter. But very often I didn’t bother and then left the blog without sharing.

Did you know that you can make it easy for your readers to share quotes you find worthy of it yourself?

Well, that’s possible. And easy. And I’ll show you how.

First you have to write your blog post, of course. And you have to come up with something that’s really clever. Something your readers would want to share.

For years I’ve been saying:

“Stop Trying and Start Doing”

but very few have noticed…

Now I can make this quote stand out and I can make it easy for readers to share. Go ahead.
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After you’ve written your incredibly smart and SHORT quote, you should copy it, publish your blog post, and then head over to

Paste the quote into the box.

Add the link to your blog post, and hit Generate Link!

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Copy the link and insert it in your blog post, like I’ve done it with the above quote.

That’s it 🙂

Do you find this useful? Can you use such a thing on your own blog?

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