The History of Lead Gen [Infographic]

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Oh, this infographic rouses memories…

No, not back the cave man, thank you, I’m not that old, but several years back.

For instance back in 2004, I was contacted by a man who wanted to sell me access to post videos online. Videos online? Oh wow! It wasn’t even possible to send them by email, because they were so big. This would only cost me $97 per month, and video was the future, he assured me.

Or a few years earlier, when I received an email in Russian. I asked a Russian friend what it said, all excited about this strange mail. “It’s spam,” he answered. I was very disappointed.

I believed him, but found his product too expensive. The year after, YouTube was created, and you could now host your video for free.

But take a look at this infographic. There are a lot of interesting details. Lead generation has existed for many years.

Have you seen the first banner ad on the Internet? Do you think it would work today? I think it would. And it’s funny that this first ad actually formed the standard for millions of future banner ads, all made in the size 468×60.

And as you can see, man has always been social. Right from the beginning. We just have it much easier today.
History of Lead Gen

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