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what do you thinkWhen we lived in France, my husband and I were both teaching people how to use the computer. He’s French, so he knew the language well. I didn’t… I had three years of French in high-school. But I knew how to teach Word, Excel and stuff like that. So this was my springboard to speaking better French.

One day, when we were out shopping, I met one of my pupils in the supermarket. She was serving juice to customers in the hope that we would buy. We stopped, tasted the juice, bought two bottles, and then we chatted a littled.

She asked me if I would mind that she came home to me to do a survey. Then she would offer me some samples to thank me for my help.

You see… That was a job back then. Companies paid people to call and do surveys, or to visit people and do surveys.

Nowadays, the companies still pay, but they’ve skipped the middleman, and you get paid instead.

If you live in Australia, you can find out how to make money online by doing paid surveys, getting cashback and other things here.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you much about this site, since it’s only for people living in Australia.

But from the look of it, I can tell you that they offer:

  • Paid surveys.
  • Cashback on certain offers.
  • Polls.
  • An opportunity to get rewarded by liking them on Facebook or commenting on one of their forums.

There also seems to be competitions, where you can win nice rewards.

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