90-Day Product Creation Challenge

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90 days product creation challenge

Hi there 🙂 Tiffany Dow is a master when it comes to making up challenges and kicking us through them. And today, her latest challenge starts. It’s called “90-Day Product Creation Challenge“. Will you be joining?

I am.

And I’m going to create a product in a niche where I’ve only written blog posts and articles. I’ve never made a product there, except for two bribe freebies.

This will make it a challenge for me, too.

And stepping outside your comfort zone is always good.

So the first step for me will be to find out which question my new audience are burning to find an answer to. I will do the necessary research to discover what it is they really want.

Because have you noticed this? People buy what they want. Not always what they need, but what they want. So that’s why I’m starting there.

When I’ve discovered their “wants”, I’ll write the sales letter. This is a challenge I’ve come to love. I used to hate copywriting, because scared me. And also because I’m a perfectionist. I want it right and perfect the first time.

That’s the wrong approach to it.

Now I know that I have to write something that I can edit and improve.

That removes the pressure, and I really find words fascinating, and how they can be used to create an emotion, or to make people do something.

Copywriting is not just selling. It’s charming with your words. It’s making an audience take action.

I think that many people see copywriting as something evil. Like it’s a tool you use to force people to  pay for stuff they don’t need.

It’s not so.

You’ve been using copywriting in a verbal shape since you were born. You cried, and hopefully your parents took action and gave you a clean diaper, or fed you, or just hugged you and were there for you.

Later on, you began to get smarter with words.

I remember when my son was five, he always asked a lot of questions like:

– Mom, how do you make a little sister?

– What’s for dinner? (approximately 360 times that year).

And this one:

– Mom, what’s a late night snack?

Since I always answered him patiently, and even looked up things if necessary, I also gave him a longer explanation about late night snacks. To that, he said:

– Mom, don’t you think we should take a late night snack? I need something to sink my teeth into, a bone to gnaw…

Oh, yes, you probably knew a lot about “copywriting” when you were a child. And you probably also do that now. So don’t let that part of product creation scare you.

Learn as much as you can, but in tiny bites, and then practice as much as you can.

3 thoughts on “90-Day Product Creation Challenge”

  1. I’m in! Since I’ve been working on all the tech stuff for my niche packs, it’s going to be good to get back to the process of working on that project you and I talked about. 😉 Time to get it done!

    I’m really looking forward to what everyone comes up with. Even small reports can be packed with info so we’ll have to encourage those too scared to participate to jump on in anyway. 🙂

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