Killer Freebies for Marketers – Review of “10 Fun & Fabulous Image Generators” by Tina Golden

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Hi there, fellow blogger 🙂 How do you find illustrations to your blog posts?

I was a subscriber to Depositphotos for a while, but I rarely used the five daily pictures, so I took a break. Those pictures were of a very high quality, and I could almost always find what I wanted. But it was still $60 per months…

And then there are free pictures. You can go to Flickr and find pictures, but make sure you’re allowed to use them, and you will also have to link to the person who took the picture. I’ve done that in the past, but honestly… the quality is not that good. You don’t see stockphotos among them.

So what’s left for you to do, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on pictures to illustrate your blog, or to share on Facebook and Pinterest?

Tina Golden, who officially calls herself a tightwad, has a solution. She’s found ten free sources where you can create unique pictures online. In fact, that’s not the only free things Tina has found. Let me share her story with you.

Collecting Free Alternatives for Years

Tina has a true curator soul. She hates to pay for things she can get free, so for years, she’s been hunting down free alternatives to the expensive paid ones. And now she’s started a series to share some of these findings with us.

The first book in this series is called Killer Freebies for Marketers Volume One: 10 Fun & Fabulous Image Generators.

I’m on a Skype group together with several other people, among them Tina Golden. She wrote that she was launching this product and offered a review copy. I got one, and to be honest, I didn’t really expect much from the book. I thought I would see links to Gimp and Windows programs with a little bit of explanation.

But I was totally wrong. No Gimp. No Windows programs. Actually, I wrote to Tina shortly after I started reading:

Oooh this is GOOD! I’m only on page 6, and I already have so many ideas for uses, and I’m taking notes. AND I should be sleeping 😉

I already knew some of the places (two, I think) Tina mentions in her book, but I’d never thought about using them to make illustrations for blogs, to use on Pinterest or Facebook. I thought of them in a totally different non-creative way.

I loved some of the image generators more than others, and I had a problem with the first one in Safari on a Mac, because it uses Java. When I switched to Firefox, I could use it easily.

Tina has illustrated her book with examples of use of each of the ten image generators, which makes it easier to come up with your own ideas of how to use them.

And at the end of the book, you get a list with links to all ten places, so you easily can get there in the future.

This book is great, if you want pictures to use as illustrations or to share on popular social sites. It’s well-written. Easy to understand. Highly inspiring.

I really love it! Five stars out of five.

What’s the One Time Offer

More goodies for bloggers 🙂

The one time offer (OTO) consists of a bundle with three products.

The first is about curation, and if you want to learn more about how to curate content the right way, then you’ll like this book.

The second book in this bundle is about how to avoid blogger’s block and always be able to come up with fresh ideas. You’ll get some really awesome power tips in that one.

And then last, you get 21 fast and easy blog posts. You need to blog consistently, and yes, it’s good to write long, well-researched, clever blog posts. But sometimes, we just don’t have the energy or the time. So here you are: 21 fast and furious ways to write blog posts, which are maybe short (some of them), but good, nevertheless.

Click here to read more about “10 Fun & Fabulous Image Generators”

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  1. Just bought this since graphic sources are ALWAYS a good thing (and I was surprised you mentioned it wasn’t the same old sources). GREAT ideas!! I’m really glad you reviewed this one for us gal!

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