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Hey ya 🙂

Review of Amazon Niche Nuke 2.0 by Chris Sorrell – and you’ll want this link in a moment: http://malka.im/e/azonnuke

Yesterday I got access to “Amazon Niche Nuke 2.0” by Chris Sorrell.

I already knew Chris from a few of his earlier products, so I was eager to check this out.

I had “Amazon Cash Clone”, which I liked, and “Coupon Cash Clone”, which I found interesting, but CPA is not for me. I showed it to my son, who made one video and one lead with that video. He’s now the proud owner of $1.30, but he’s still not into Internet marketing.

Oh, well…

Anyway, here I’ll tell you my impressions when I read and tried some of the tips I got from “Amazon Niche Nuke 2.0”.

Hm, Not Quite Sure I Understand

Yes, that was actually my first impression of the first chapter.

I skipped the introduction, which was a stupid step, so I had to go back and re-read. This time from the beginning.

Okay, so Chris is offering several different things in this book, and as I progressed, I loved it more and more.

Last night I read it all. Today, I started from the beginning and implemented while I read.

So I updated one of my Squidoo lenses with the tips I learned in chapter one, and I found a new product to write about on a review blog I have.

Chris writes that his Squidoo lenses rank better after he started using this method. And according to the sales page, he does pretty well on Squidoo. He’s made almost $90,000 since 2009 with only 44 lenses.

And my guess is that this is not only caused by the way he does keyword research and combines keywords with YouTube videos. It’s also caused by his mindset. Let me quote from his book:

Pick a good mix of keywords that look like they can add something to your site while enhancing the user’s experience.

See? The user is the main focus here, not selling.

Chapter 2: “Mass Content Siphon”

In this chapter, Chris offers a totally new (to me at least) way to find products to promote.

His method is thinking totally out of the box, and very brilliant. I think that either blog posts on authority review sites or Squidoo lenses will do very well when you start out with this method.

It will give your articles a more holistic impression. Awesome!

And then he ends the chapter by giving a tip to get the sale:

This way, you don’t look like you’re pushing their decision too hard and they’re spending longer on your site…

Longer time on the site means lower bounce rate. Lower bounce rate means higher Google rankings. Higher Google rankings means more traffic. More traffic means more sales. Win-win!

Chapter 3: “Banking from Best Sellers”

In this chapter, Chris utilizes the best seller list in a different way to go straight to the point and pick the best products in the shortest amount of time.

Chapter 4: “Bulk Niche Traffic Grab”

In this chapter, Chris shows a new way of doing keyword research that’s quite similar to how Amazon provides its own data.

Again, this a totally new method to me, and definitely one I will use the next time I am searching for a product to add to my review site.

Chapter 5: Ha! THAT works 🙂

I couldn’t help smiling when I read chapter 5, because that was a tip I discovered a while ago. I don’t remember why, but I just felt like testing this out.

The Squidoo lens I used this on hit the top right away, and it has stayed there. Since then I’ve made other lenses and blog posts using the same method.

And not only are they ranking high, but both my lenses as well as my blog posts have made sales.

I did this the hard way, manually.

Well, the next time I can make this a lot easier, because Chris added a twist here to automate a part of the process.

Really neat!

Last Chapter

The last chapter speaks about a way you can profit from the seasons. Did you know that some companies make most of their income in December? And that they spend most of the year lining up to be ready on time?

Well, you might think it’s not the moment to create lenses or blog posts about Christmas items. Yet, I’ve just updated one of my lenses about chili light Chrismas decorations.

Better too early than too late.

Here you’ll learn some great tips to be ahead of the events and profit maximum from them.

My Conclusion

This is a book that already experienced Amazon markters can profit from.

If you want a step-by-step guide to set up your blog, or start a Squidoo lens, then this is not the book you should count on.

But if you already know how to do those steps, then you can take your Amazon sales to the next level by implementing what you learn from “Amazon Niche Nuke 2.0”.

I plan to use it myself to improve my Squidoo lenses; to create new ones after; and to make more blog posts with on my authority review site.

It on sale right now as a dimesale, so get it as early as you can here:

==> http://malka.im/e/azonnuke

Best regards,

P.S. If you have any questions before buying, please send me a mail.

P.P.S. The price is low, but if you don’t make your investment back, Chris Sorrell offers a great guarantee on this excellent little book of his.

Therefore, you risk nothing by getting http://malka.im/e/azonnuke now.

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