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Hey there ūüôā As an Internet marketer, you need a domain at least to host your main blog or website. But where do you go to get your domain? A lot of marketers recommend GoDaddy or Namecheap. I don’t. I use another registrar myself. But my choice is not the purpose of this blog post.

Actually, I was asked to do a review of a registrar, who says that they can be used for¬†cheap domain register. So, I’ll mention here what I liked and didn’t like about the site.

Search for Your Domain Name

The first thing I normally do when I go to a domain registrar is to see if I can get a domain with specific keywords in it. So I look for a place to search for a domain.

This is easy to find on

Review of Register com

So I did a test, since there’s not a real domain I wanted to buy right now, and I typed this intelligent text in the field: “this is a test of register”.

But I was told that a domain name should contain at least three letters.

Hm, when I do that kind of searches on my usual registrar, I get suggestions like “” and names like that.

Okay, that doesn’t work so easily on then.

Good, I typed again, but this time without spaces: thisisatestofregister

And that domain name was available.

Now, my next wish would be to know the price of the domain. I know what I usually pay for .com domains, and Register say that they are cheap, so how cheap are they exactly?

You Must Register First

Maybe they are called because you have to register as a client before you know what price they take?

When I saw that, I left the site. I don’t want to register as a client, if I don’t know if I’m going to use them or not. What if they send me all kinds of spam? No way.

But I went back…

After all, I’m doing a review, so I have to find out. So‚Ķ (sigh)

I clicked, and even before I had to type my name and email, I got a price. Right now it’s $5, so it’s less than half the price I usually pay, at least for the first year.

They tell you that it’s a promotional offer, and you can only register three domain names for that price.

How much do they usually charge for domains, when they are not on promotion?

I don’t know. The site didn’t reveal any information about that, and if the only way to find out is by registering three domains, then I’m not interested at this point. I might check it later, if I need three domains. Just to test.

Have you tried

Update: I received a mail from a reader about this. The letter said:

Tried the domain registration you suggested and they wanted to charge me $38 saying I had already used up my limit for discounted domains. I have no record of ever purchasing a domain name from this company and am intrigued by their response.

So watch out. Maybe the reader has forgotten he’s ever used them before. Maybe they have a glitch in their script.

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