Review of “The Video Marketer’s Guide” by Joey Xoto (part 2): The OTO: “Xoto Academi”

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Hi there 🙂 If I were impressed by Joey Xoto’s “The Video Marketer’s Guide“, then I was totally excited by the Xoto Academi and the Elite Film School, you get as a bonus with the OTO.

If you’re a marketer, and you want to make more videos, especially those that include you in the picture, then read on, because you’re about to learn the first steps to great videos.

I was actually on my way to bed last night, but while closing down my browser, I noticed that I still had The Video Marketer’s Guide open, and I decided to just take a short look at one of the videos in the OTO.

Big mistake! LOL 😀 Because I couldn’t stop. I had to see them all, and oh, I can just as well tell you now and give you the details further down… but I went from “Oh wow!” to “Awesome” all the time.

Small details really make a huge difference, when it comes to video. And Xoto explains so well, what you should do and don’t do to make your videos stand out. Here are some of the things I learned:

What Do You Get Inside “Xoto Academi”

After you’ve bought “The Video Marketer’s Guide”, you’re offered a second product called “Xoto Academi”, and according to the sales page it’s an

expert level video creation course made easy. Inside its walls, you’ll discover the exact step-by-step process for creating powerful videos like you just saw above.

When I saw that video the first time, I thought: Wow, I would never be able to do anything just slightly similar.

But he breaks it down, and yes, when I watch it again now, I recognize all the techniques he used, and he’s right: This isn’t difficult.

So it’s “step-by-step”. Let’s see how he manages that.

Inside the Xoto Academi, you get five chapters about video creation theory, and Xoto goes over all the essentials, right from what camera to choose, what microphone to pick, and free and paid resources to help you with your videos. He also explained the difference between “live video” and “presentations” and shows how he combines the two to come up with more dynamic and engaging videos. I loved that!

He’ll teach you how to write the script for the video (your last name doesn’t have to be Spielberg to do this), filming fundamentals (like picking the best angle) and choosing what to film.

Beneath each video, you’ll find PDF files to support the video or to enhance it. And they are really helpful.

These videos are longer than the ones in the main product. The first is 18:33, the second 41:25 (about writing script), the third (about filming fundamentals) is 34:17 and the last (post production) is divided into four shorter videos.

And then you get a link to an awesome film school, also by Joey Xoto and inside the same member’s area.

Elite Film School – What’s It About?

I’m glad you asked. This is powerful knowledge. Even I was inspired to make videos after watching these 🙂

The first thing you’ll learn about is the rule of thirds. Knowing this will make your videos really stand out. In short (but Xoto explains this much better), you have to make sure your motive is on one of the lines, when you divide the screen in thirds. He also tells you where the free space must be in relation to the motive.

Here’s a short (36 seconds) video I shot following some of what I learned. The motive is my husband playing World of Warcraft, and he knew nothing about what I was doing, so you’ll hear him speak Danish to me and ask what I’m doing 😉

And that was taken only with my old little Flip cam. (And I didn’t remove his clutter first.)

Right, but besides the rule of thirds, you’ll also learn about the following:

Review of

For many of these tutorials, Xoto uses plush animals, family members and friends, and he makes it really easy to understand what he means, and how to copy what you’ve just learned. I have never seen anything like this before.

While I was watching, I though about how much my husband will love this (he was sleeping). He’d always wanted to join a film school, and this is so him. I thought of him already while I started watching the Xoto Academy.

While the first part, The Video Marketer’s Guide, mostly is for doing sales videos of a kind, then the OTO can be used for everything you need video for: vlogs, documentaries, tutorials…

This is really useful information for all teachers, Internet marketers, and everybody else who wants to create interesting videos.

You can get access to it right after purchasing the Video Marketer’s Guide, and I highly, strongly, recommend that you get it. Here’s the link:

Click here to check Joey Xoto’s Video Marketer’s Guide

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