Review of “The Video Marketer’s Guide” by Joey Xoto (part 1)

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Hi there 🙂 In this blog post, I will tell you why I’m reviewing Joey Xoto’s “The Video Marketer’s Guide“, and how I know him. I’ll tell you what you get (the main product), and what I think about it. If you have any questions at all about this product, then please ask. You can do so in the comments or use the contact form, if you prefer that.

Let’s get started.

Why This Review of “The Video Marketer’s Guide”?

Although I rarely do videos, I know that they are important, and that they many time convert better than text. By convert I mean getting the sales or any kind of action, you go for.

I decided to review it when a friend said that she considered buying it. I’ve seen other products that tells you how to do video marketing. Would this one be better? Worse? The same?

What’s My Connection to Joey Xoto

Joey XotoSometimes I know the product creators beforehand, when I start out to do a review. Sometimes I don’t. In this case, I should have known Joey Xoto. Why? Because he contacted me last year in november, and we connected through Skype, but then we never really got to talk for some reason.

When my friend wrote something about this course, I immediately remembered Joey Xoto and contacted him and got a review copy.

So I had no previous knowledge about him, other than I remembered his picture and his name.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

Inside the member’s area, you’ll find a menu with easy access to the product, you purchased. The main product is called “The Video Marketer’s Guide”, and it consists of 11 main videos with PDF transcripts and supplemental videos.

Review of The Video Marker's Guide by Joey Xoto

I will not go into detail with what each video contains, but this info is available on the sales page here: The Video Marketer’s Guide.

The first videos are about setting your mindset to be able to make videos that will convert and teaching you video-copywriting.

These videos are very informative, and they last from 3:55 to 9:48. As you can see, short and to the point videos.

Oh, by the way, you’ll probably find (like I did) that Joey has a very pleasant voice, and you’re going to love listen to him explaining things, even complicated things, and making it easy to understand. There are no coffee-slurps or running noses. As you’ll learn, Joey edits his videos, before he publish them.

The 9th video is called “Recording Audio”, and it taught me a lot. I really loved this video. If you’re in doubt about how to record audio, recording yourself while showing a presentation, bit rate, or technical stuff, then get this course for this video alone.

Oh, and he has a cool tip about how to place the microphone from your headset. I had no idea about doing it this way. Awesome!

The following video is called “Recording Your Screen”, and here you’ll learn everything about size, how to make the slideshow settings correct, what framerate to record in, how many colors and fonts you should use and more. This video chapter is just as valuable as the above. I recommend that everybody who are doing video now or will in the future should get Joey Xoto’s course, even if it’s just for those two chapters. They are priceless!

“The Final Edit” has clear instructions about how to edit the video and how to export it in the right format. Great stuff.

This is how far I went in this review. I have more videos to watch (Over the Shoulder, Animation and things), and I really look forward to it, but I haven’t had the time today.

I will also go through the One Time Offer to see if this is something you should get or not, depending on your needs.

But even though I haven’t seen the last videos of the main course, I can say without a doubt, that some people will profit largely by getting this course.

Who Will Benefit From This Guide?

  • People who are selling their own products.
  • People who are selling affiliate products.
  • People who wants to learn how to make videos (not vlogs) that converts.

The videos I’ve seen so far uses presentations, but Joey also shows us some highly successful videos he’s done with clients, and they show people, not computer screens. I guess that making those kinds of videos are more complicated. The ones with presentations are not as complicated, and Joey Xoto makes it really easy to understand how to do it in this course.

If you’re selling stuff (yours or other people’s), then I highly recommend this course. You can get it here: The Video Marketer’s Guide.

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