“Niche Review Website Blueprint” – the Conclusion

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Review of Niche Review Website Blueprint - Amazon minisites - the conclusionHi there 🙂 I promised an update (and a conclusion) to the review I’m doing at the moment. It’s a low-priced product called “Niche Review Website Blueprint”, and it’s about how to set up mini-sites with Amazon (or other products) affiliate links on.

At the end of this blog post, I’ll link to the first four parts of this review, so you can jump to them, if you like, or you could just stay here and read the conclusion.

Let me summon up what I’ve seen and done so far.

Watching Ten Videos

The course consists of ten steps, each illustrated in a short video. The shortest lasts 4:50 mins, and the longests 19:36.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that I dislike videos and prefer to read. But I must say that these videos are fine. Kurt Chrisler, the product creater, goes straight to the point in every video, and he doesn’t spend time on saying “eh” or hyping, or messing around in unknown areas.

I’ve watched all ten videos twice. The first time around, I only took notes. The second time, I implemented what I learned while watching.

In the first step, you’ll learn how to find potential products to review, and in step two, you’ll learn how to do keyword research to find out if this is a profitable product group or not. You can use either Market Samurai or the free Domain Samurai for this step.

In steps three and four, you’ll learn how to get your domain name, and how to customize WordPress for optimal performance. You can skip those steps, if you’re using free means like Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger or any of the other platforms available. You can do that, in my opinion, although you’ll probably get the best results by spending the money on a domain name.

In step five and six, you’ll learn how to add the content and affiliate links to your site. You can do that very easily by using the method Kurt shows. However, if you need to save and upload a picture yourself, for some reason, then it’s not contained in the videos. It shouldn’t be hard to find instructions on YouTube, though.

Step seven shows you what you should put into your review and how to outsource this part, if you want to.

Step eight walks you through posting the latest reviews to your site, and step nine shows you more WordPress tweaks.

Finally, in step ten, you’ll learn about getting backlinks to your site.

Case Study

I decided to follow Kurt’s guidelines and make this a case study, so I used his method to come up with possible products, chose one, got a domain, and installed WordPress. I’ve tweaked WordPress the way he shows, and I even went as far as outsourcing two of the reviews to iWriter.

Kurt says that he goes for basic writers. I don’t recommend that based on my experience. You should go for Elite writers, which I’ve always said. You’ll save time, and if you don’t like rejecting articles, then you definitely should follow my advice.

So my domain is up, but it isn’t indexed in Google yet. I’ve added three reviews so far, plus the money-making front page.

Today, I took my first step into creating back-links. I followed Kurt’s advice about making it general, even learned something new, and it took me maybe ten minutes to finish. There are several more steps to do, but I’ll take baby-steps and do one at a time.

And no, I haven’t made any money, yet, but the site isn’t even indexed in Google at the time I’m writing this. I believe in it. I sure do. And I’ll keep you posted.

How Are the Reviews?

If you’ve read material about how to make review sites for Amazon products, you’ve probably (like me) seen very different methods.

I’ve seen “copy-and-paste” recommendations, and I’ve seen “spend 8 hours writing your review” methods. While I’m sure the latter brings in a lot of sales, this is maybe not necessary for lower-priced products.

The “Niche Review Website Blueprint” recommends reviews of around 300 words, written totally from the ground, and containing specific issues.

I like his ideas, and I believe they will work on products that doesn’t cost several hundred dollars, or where people have more objections before they buy.

At any rate, you could always use his method and then build on it later, in case you find a winning product idea.

Are there One Time Offers?

Yes, there are WordPress plugins to add extra features to your review sites.

I didn’t get these plugins, but have some similar ones already. This is what Kurt wrote about them:

The first plugin allows you to put an Amazon search box on your site that allows your visitors to do an Amazon search for the product they were looking for. It automatically embeds your Amazon affiliate link so you get commission on their purchases.

The second plugin lets you offer your visitors with the option of buying from Amazon.com (US), Amazon.ca (Canada) and Amazon.co.uk (UK).

Each link has your appropriate affiliate cookie embedded in it to ensure you receive commission on any sales from those websites.

Can Everything Be Outsourced?

I mentioned that some of the work could be outsourced and that Kurt does it himself. So I got a question if everything could be outsourced.

No, not everything.

You could outsource some of the keyword research, I’m sure, and you can outsource most of the content writing, but you need to do the overall planning yourself and pick the product group. Buying domains, setting up the blogs, etc. can be outsourced, too.

As mentioned, I outsourced the writing of two reviews. It’s the first time ever, I try that, and immediately after, I was sure it would be the last time, too. But now I’m tempted. I might ask for the same writers but insist on a specific format of the article. I didn’t do that earlier. I just added what was missing myself. But should this turn into a long-term outsourcing project, then I would have to get it all ready to copy and paste into the blog.

Is This Product Worth the Price and Your Time?

Haha, yeah, absolutely! (I’m laughing because the price is really low. Not a gimmick!)

Well, it’s not perfect. No product is. And you could probably add many hours of video, if you want to have everything explained in details. Like more about how to get the backlinks, and stuff. He mentions what you should do, but only a little about how to do it.

But I wouldn’t expect those details in a product which you can get for only $7 (at least right now). And they are not things you cannot easily figure out yourself, or maybe you already know from other courses.

You shouldn’t get this if you’re just looking for a new shiny object and a new way to make money overnight… You should get this if you want to build an empire of mini-sites, each making you a few dollars per month (Kurt says a few hundred, but I guess it will take a few months to reach those numbers).

You can get it here: http://GetMoneyMakingIdeas.com/get/nrw

Update: Made Money Although Site NOT Indexed by Google (My Fault)

You know how you sometimes can FEEL that something is right?

I had that feeling with this product. And yet, for a long time I couldn’t prove my feelings right.

First, I messed something up when I created the domain. My husband had to go in there and clear up the mess. Then, at least, my site was visible.

Normally, when we get a new domain and add content, it’s indexed either immediately or a few days later. Here? Nothing!

It was indexed by Yahoo, but neither by Google, nor Bing.

Why? Had some spammer previously owned the domain?

I just couldn’t figure it out.

And then, today, I noticed that I’d sold 4 items from that site, although it’s only visible in Yahoo. So I decided to find out why-oh-why it didn’t get indexed once again.

This time I saw the error. I had the wrong link inside the dashboard in the settings.

Link changed, and hopefully this domain will be indexed soon.

Update (June 24, 2013): Making Money on a Consistent Basis

Since I changed the link (see above) and my site was indexed, I’ve been making consistent income with that niche site. I’m going to build more sites, using his method, that’s for sure!

Out of 98 clicks, I got 8 orders, and 6 have been shipped (got two yesterday, so they are probably shipped today), which makes this site my highest converting Amazon site.

 >> Click here to get Niche Review Website Blueprint <<

2 thoughts on ““Niche Review Website Blueprint” – the Conclusion”

  1. Thanks, Britt, for the reviews of this. When I saw how low the price was, I gave it a quick look, read your first couple of reviews, and grabbed it.

    I haven’t yet tried his concepts on a new domain, but I’m revamping a currently active domain using his review principles and site layout. Eager to see what happens.

    And I hope you’ll keep us posted as you see Google index the new domain you’re working on with these methods. Ought to be interesting — in a very profitable way, hopefully!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Awesome, Gary, and thanks for leaving a comment. I will keep you posted.

    Hm, I wonder if all us action takers could use a place to master mind? Share experiences and all? I would love to follow your progress with this, and I fully understand why you would use a domain you already had. I’ll steal that idea from you to get more frequent updates to my kitchen gadget review site 🙂

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