Get Domain, Hosting and DIY Webdesign Without Technical Knowledge?

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Hi there 🙂 I got my first homepage in 1996, but it was made for my by a publishing bureau. The page was hyper-expensive, and they didn’t do a good job, by the way, so when a neighbour came over and showed me how he made homepages himself, I was intrigued. But oh, wow, did it look complicated?

He was jugling around with “tags” and “H1” and “HEAD” and “BODY”, and I had NO idea about how he knew all that.

Next you could get programs to help you create pages with. And then blog scripts like WordPress.

True, all that has become much easier, but it’s still necessary to have some kind of techhnical skills, if you want to get a domain, set up your home page, change the design, and maybe even add an auto-responder and webshop.

When I was asked to do a short review of an ecommerce website builder, I thought that might help you, if you lack those technical skills.

Super Easy

First of all, the service isn’t free (but low-priced), but it’s super-super easy!

Click on the big, red button saying “Get Started”, and you’re on your way to having your own domain.

Look at this: 

step one

You only need to write a domain name here and click the button to proceed. In the following step, you can choose from three different packages with prices between $2.95 and $4.95 per month. The most expensive of the three includes website, marketing and a store.

There are several different, professional looking designs to choose from, and you only need to click, drag and drop to design your page.

I haven’t tested their service, because I have hosting, auto-responder and the technical knowledge to set up new webpages and buy domains, but if this is what is stopping you from getting started online, you should definitely consider using this service.

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