After Hours Money Making Ideas – Spend 15 Minutes on Squidoo

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After hours money making ideas

Hi there 🙂 I know a lot of my readers have a day-job, and you’re looking for some after hours money making ideas. I know how hard it can be to get things done after work (I had a day-job until 1995 myself), so I realize you will not have enough energy to put hours of work into writing long product reviews, or e-books, or many of the other writings that pay off.

You might have half an hour in the evening, while you’re waiting for the food to get ready.

This is where Squidoo come in handy.

Squidoo is a site, a community, something along the line of a blog, but then again not quite.

Instead of writing lots of blog posts about the same topic, you write one post, called a lens, about one narrow topic. Let me give you some examples:

Squidoo Lenses You Can Make

On Squidoo, they just love it if you make money, so they are more than happy, if you create lenses about different products that can be found on Amazon, eBay, CafePress or elsewhere.

So you could create lenses about “blue marble balls”, “dotted red polka shoes”, “kitchen gadgets for singles”, or what ever catches your interest.

You can also create lenses about do it yourself things, like “create your own glow sticks”, “how to make a purple tutu in five minutes”, “make your own ink”, or what interest you might have that you can document in text and pictures.

If you’re crazy about the place you live, you can create lenses about what to do in your town on a cold Saturday night, or what to do with kids in your country.

If you’re good at explaining computer matters, you can make how-to lenses about how to embed a video on your blog, or how to do back ups on a regular basis.

In fact, you can create lenses about a huge amount of topics.

The Building Stone of a Lens

You don’t have to know any HTML to create a lens. Every lens consists of modules. You have to have at least one module, the introduction, and all the other modules are some you choose.

You can easily add Amazon modules, eBay modules, text modules, MP3-modules, large image-modules, and plenty of others.

It’s just click and add. And then you can move them around as you like.

After you’ve added the modules, you must fill them up. Some of them only needs a few keywords, while others will have to be filled with text or pictures.

How Do You Make Money on Squidoo

If your lens is ranked among the top 85,000, you get a share of the ad pool.

But besides that, you can make money with Amazon modules, eBay modules, etc.

Everytime somebody buys through your lens, you get 50% of Squidoo’s share.

And yes, this adds up. There are people who are making a full time living on Squidoo.

Back to Your 15 Daily Minutes – How Much Can You Get Done?

You might be thinking: Well, yes, this is all very good, but if I only have 15-30 minutes per day, how can I accomplish anything? Doesn’t it take hours to make a lens?

Squick Money

Well, yes, that depends. And it doesn’t have to.

Obviously, if you make a lens about how to build a house, it will take you a long time to create that lens. But if you make it around a topic you can get on Amazon, you can boil it down to 15 minutes of work per lens. Maybe not on your first try, but already your second lens will take shorter time, and soon you’ll be able to spit out lenses in 15 minutes. (I can – I’ve timed myself.)

If you want a short-cut to creating those 15-minute lenses, you should get my book called “Squick Money: 15-Minute Squidoo System“. It is launched as a dimesale today, so make sure you check the sales page as soon as possible to get it for the lowest price.

At the moment, building Squidoo lenses is – as I see it – one of the absolute best after hours money making ideas.

8 thoughts on “After Hours Money Making Ideas – Spend 15 Minutes on Squidoo”

  1. For anyone who doesn’t have it…get it! It’s fun to put together lenses fast, find out which ones are getting traffic and then add a little to those each day…SO much better than all day on one lens hoping every one you build does well, only to find out later it’s a dud. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debi 🙂

      By the way, another of my challenge lenses have made money, now, and 10 are still ranking to get paid, too.

      1. Britt – Love the squick system, especially combining it with sqp. Quick question for you since I am still learning about Squidoo – what do you mean by “10 are still ranking to get paid too”???

        Thanks, Lori

        1. Thanks, Lori 🙂

          What I mean by that is that Squidoo shares their add pool income with the highest ranking 85,000 lenses. So if your monthly ranking is better than 85,001, then you get paid. You can see the Squidoo Ranking on your Dashboard -> Lenses.

          1. Around the 15th every month. In February, they paid for our rankings in December. So next month, they will pay based on our ranking in January. And so forth.

  2. I agree. I’ve had fun with these squick lenses so far! I just cranked out two more today but I think it’s been 5 lenses since I updated my list here, so here are the newest ones. Got rolling on a theme as you can see (haha):
    These are done in the Squick style for the most part but I am tweaking the method to suit me a little bit. Using squidcrafter in some of them for direct links to amazon.

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