Newbies in Internet Marketing – Right or Wrong?

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Newbies in internet marketing

Hi there 🙂 What do you think about newbies in Internet marketing? Should they stay away from it, until they’ve made some money online? Or should they go ahead and make money by promoting other marketers’s products?

Experienced marketers disagree about this topic. Here are some of the arguments they use and my opinion.

Pro Newbies in Internet Marketing

A lot of marketers are all for newbies in Internet marketing. Obviously, it’s much easier to sell stuff to newbies, if you can tell them that they can resell it to others and make their investment back many times.

But besides that selfish argument, there are others:

  • There are money to be made here, and why shouldn’t newbies be allowed to join the party?
  • Newbies can be in Internet marketing, if they are honest about their status.
  • Tiffany Dow’s blog post about why newbies can be great teachers.
(I disagree with Tiff about point #3, by the way. I know newbies with a huge ego, telling others what to do without doing it themselves.)

Con Newbies in Internet Marketing

Of course, there are many who advice against newbies in Internet, and they use arguments like:


  • How should a newbie be able to teach something he doesn’t know himself?
  • It’s a tough market with huge competition.
Sure, both of these arguments are valid, but…

My Opinion about Newbies in Internet Marketing

I tend to be on the site of saying “yes” to newbies in Internet marketing, but on conditions.

  • Don’t pretend you know it all, when you don’t. No, I don’t say this because your audience will find out eventually, but because you should be honest to yourself and your readers.
  • Be honest about where you are. Tell your readers that you are learning right now, and tell them what you’re onto.
  • Do case studies about the products you buy, and share your results. You as a newbie have so much in common with a lot of people.
  • Don’t pretent you’re an Internet millionaire, and then years later announce that you’ve finally quit your day-job. (Yes, one big marketer made that stunt.)
  • Don’t be scared about competition. If Big Guru A and Big Guru B both are promoting the same product that you are, you might still sell a few copies to people who would rather learn from somebody close to their own level.

3 thoughts on “Newbies in Internet Marketing – Right or Wrong?”

  1. Yah I think this is a great post. Nothing wrong with a “newbie” blogging about their progress, thoughts on other products and such. Anyone can teach others at or below their level, or even above! Tiff Dow recently said her sister taught her something helpful the other day!

    I’m still plodding along with my Squick challenge 🙂 I enjoy it but have been tired by the end of a work day lately so am slowing down a bit. Didn’t (and am not) doing any today but I have about 5 topics picked out and researched already for tomorrow or Thursday.
    I am at 17 now. 8 more to go for the challenge then I’ll keep making them but maybe one per day as a goal. Still haven’t heard back about my Giant Squid application but it’s only been a week… Here are the two I made yesterday:

    1. I agree with you, Clefty. You should always have your eyes, ears and mind open to learn more.

      Yay! Well done with the challenge, and I loved your two latest lens ideas. Especially the fairies, oooooooh 🙂 They are awesome! You should take pictures of some of those you have made and add them in an album on the lens. I would love to see them.

  2. We were all newbies once and there’s no substitute for experience. Fortunately, there are enough free resources online that you can try marketing without much risk or expense. So I’m all for newbies.

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