Web Article Writing – How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes

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web article writingWeb article writing is slightly different from the kind of article writing you do, when you aim at having your articles syndicated.

While my book “How to Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less” focuses on one system, it's always of big help to have other methods on your hands as well.

So when I discovered an article on Copyblogger about how to write articles in 20 minutes, I figured you would be interested.

The Copyblogger article gives you seven tips to fast web article writing. You can use the same method, if you submit your articles to online article directories, by the way.

The difference between web article writing and article marketing is that you can add links to the body of the article, when its purpose is to be put on your blog or website. This opens up nice possibilities for affiliate links, just as you can see in this blog post 😉

Web Article Writing – Start With The Easiest Articles

All seven tips are useful, but I'll mention one of them in particular. Tip # 7.

People tend to start with the more difficult tasks, thinking that they can go through the easier one later, when they maybe don't have as much time at hand, or when they are tired, or when …

The author of the seven tips advices against this practice. He writes:

It’s tempting, when you look through your list of ideas, to save the best ones for later because you think they’ll be easier to write. You don’t want to save time later, you want to save time now. Do the articles you know will come easily and make the most of that time.

And that's right. Save time today. Don't save time tomorrow. It will not help you right now anyway.

Read the full article about fast  web article writing here.

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