[Case Study] – Squick Money: First Earnings and SquidAngel Wings

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Hi there 😀 I’m so happy right now and I just have to share these two things with you.SquidAngel Wings

  • First: I’m a SquidAngel now 🙂
  • Second: I made money with one of the 25 lenses, I made during the challenge.

And now for the details:

I got a review copy of Erica Stone’s latest product: iDEAS xPRESS, and I was just saving the draft, when a popup showed up on my screen.

Look, I’ll show you what it said:

Hooray I got SquidAngel Wings

I shouted out “YES!” and my husband and son looked up from their PCs and World of Warcraft games. I told them I’d become a SquidAngel, and they both looked as if they thought “tock-tock” and then they played on.

So I shared the good news with a Squidoo FaceBook group I’m in. And now with you here 🙂

First Income from Squick Challenge Lens

I’ve made money with Squick lenses before, but not with any of the 25 I made for last week’s challenge. The first income showed up today, right now, after the lens ranks were updated. And I made $1.36 on a lens yesterday.

That’s good news! This huge amount of money was made through an Amazon purchase, and that lens, and the 24 others I made during the challenge, are still in position to gain money from Squidoo’s ad pool also.

First income from Squick Challenge lens

That was the good news that just happend 🙂 I guess this SquidAngel will sign off and go blood elf in a few moments.

7 thoughts on “[Case Study] – Squick Money: First Earnings and SquidAngel Wings”

  1. Nice….thats the beginning. Im tryin to break my habit of looking at my stats 2 times a day. I still have 6 lenses and no visits…..I’ll continue to build.

  2. Congrats on becoming a Squid Angel and getting your wings. And congrats on making your first earnings from your Squick Squidoo challenge. Guess what – I reported my first earnings from the challenge too. Yippee!

    This was from my Roller Skate Cookie Cutter lens. I look forward to reporting on more sales soon, hopefully.

    Thank you so much for writing the book.

    Take care Miss Squid Angel.

  3. Oh that’s awesome. Congrats!

    I’m at 14 lenses now. I am almost halfway through working 12 days straight and being on call in the evenings at my real job (that I absolutely love) so I’m falling behind on my Squick Challenge but I’m OK with that.
    I think the ones I haven’t posted here yet are:
    That’s it!

    No sales yet but my best lens (and one of my first) is now ranked 34,000! That one (my yellow iphone case), my pink iphone charger, and my memory foam dog bed ones are all getting likes fairly regularly on their own now (I think from ppl not linked from your blog haha). They keep rising slowly. I added a few zazzle products to a couple lenses a few days ago too…

    1. Awesome, Clefty 🙂 Wow, you’re certainly working a lot. It’s a good thing that you love your job. That’s the most important.

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