Can You Learn to Make Money Online with Free Info?

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What’s Wrong With Free Info?

I’m sorry, but I cannot answer “nothing” to that, because there  is a problem.

If we look at the advantages, there are some, too:

  • It’s free. Nice advantage 🙂
  • It can be good. Free info can be very valuable, especially coming from those who believe in giving their best to gain trust with their potential customers and to show what they are capable of. There are also people who simply likes to give away good info, because they are passionate about it.

The disadvantage is that if you want specific information, it might take you time to find it, and you will not always be able to find it.

Searching for specific free info can be very time-consuming, and time is money, as you know.

Therefore, it might not be totally free.

Even if you find good free info, it will take you time to read. Sometimes more time than if you buy a quality product, because the author doesn’t know how to explain things well, for example.

Let Me Share Some of My Story

When I started out on the Internet, you couldn’t buy information about how to make money on it. Not to my knowledge, at least.

I knew a person who had banners on his site and got paid for it. He told me a little about it, but our website wasn’t big enough back then. So this wasn’t an option I could use.

Another person had a huge mailing list (I had 100 on mine), and he introduced me to a company that allowed me to have ads in my mails.

So I started to make a few hundred Danish Crowns per week with these ads.

That let me to another place called TradeDoubler, where we were allowed to get banners from to our sites. We didn’t receive any clicks on our banners, so we didn’t make any money with them. Besides, it was a tedious job having to change the code, every time a client removed their campaign from this affiliate bureau.

Then I read about something called AdSense. Hm… That sounded interesting. Only one code to add and then Google would server contextual related ads.


It couldn’t harm to put them on my site, so I tried. I used nice colors, like pink and blue. But I still didn’t get any clicks or money.

After three weeks, somebody clicked, and I earned $0.54. Now, this is from memory, so it might be slightly different. It could be $0.56, and after four weeks. But the fact is that I almost made no money with AdSense.

And I did read some free information about how to put it on your site.

I discovered an e-book by Joel Comm. He promised to 10x my income, and I laughed. His book cost $97, and I could make $5.40 every three week according to his site (10 x 0.54). Yeah, right…

So I waited 10 months, before I bought it. And immediately after, my income increased to $10 per day, then $40, and I had a couple of $100, too. With the same site!

What I want you to take with you from this story is that you can make money learning from free products, but it might also mean that it will take you much longer. And that you never will be able to make the same as if you purchase high-quality information.

I know, I know… They all say that there are a lot of scammers out there. And yes, there might be. But you can learn at least one little thing from almost any info material, and that little thing might be what makes all the difference.

Even a stupid timeconsuming challenge, I once joined, taught me an important lesson: To track my progress. (And to avoid those two marketers!)

Will you leave a comment about your thoughs? That would really make me happy 🙂

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  1. Whether or not a product is free doesn’t determine its usefulness. I’ve had both free and paid products that have been good for me. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to check on how good a product is by simply doing a search for it and reviews on the Internet.

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