Branding: State the Obvious or Be Modest?

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Hi there πŸ™‚ Today, I have a question for you about something I'm very much in doubt about.

The question is whether to state the (maybe) obvious or to be modest. And let me give you some examples to show you what I mean:

The ethical marketer: Let's say you're an ethical marketer (hopefully you are), do you think it's better to tell people so directly (I'm an ethical marketer), or do you prefer them to discover it themselves, even though it might take them longer, or they might never find out?

The overdeliverer: Tell people you overdeliver or not? I've seen people telling that, and I've seen them give a lot. But in real life, I've often noticed that the people who told everyone about how generous they were, actually turned out to be stingy.

And now for some more subtle examples.

The I've Quit My Day-Job marketer: Will you hammer it in your readers that you've quit your day-job, or will you mention it a few times, or not at all?

The Knowledgable marketer: That's a thing that really frustrates me… One of your readers comes to you with bright eyes and says: Have you heard it? Guru X say that bla bla bla. Isn't it fantastic? I'll do that right away!

And you have to say: But I told you so already six years ago!

Your reader: Oh?

This has happened to me a lot, and I guess that the lesson I must draw from it is that I didn't say it clearly enough, or I didn't repeat it enough to become clear to the reader.

My question to you is: How much should you boast? Or rather tell people things that should be obvious, but maybe isn't? How much do you brand yourself by stating that you're ethical, job-less and making money, a good mother, a good wife/husband, overdelivering, generous, helpful, caring…

And what is your reaction when you read people stating those things? Do you believe them? Immediately or after a certain number of repetitons? Or never?

Let's hear your input on good Internet behavior for marketers πŸ™‚ The comment area is there for you.

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