Why Are People Asking “Is Squidoo a Scam”?

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Is squidoo a scam

Hi there 🙂 I’ll get straight to the point in this blog post, before you start thinking that I’m riding a fading wave by using the words “is Squidoo a scam” in the headline.

Truth is that I was stunned when I did some keyword research and saw that there were exact searches for that phrase. (Squidoo scam: 320 global monthly – Is Squidoo a scam: 12 global monthly).

My thoughts were: Are you kidding? These people (Google’s keyword research results) must be kidding. Nobody in their right minds would be asking that, would they?

I mean, asking that question would be like asking “is Blogger a scam” or “is WordPress a scam”. Hey, wait, maybe people are, but I’m not going to investigate it. If they are, they truly have a problem.

So why are people asking that about Squidoo? I have a suggestion.

People Like Fast Money

Squidoo fast money

Squidoo is somewhat like a blog, build with modules, and you make one new lens for each topic, rather than adding blog posts to your blog.

Another difference between Squidoo and a blog is that you can very easily add money-making modules.

You don’t even have to have a relationship with the company, and you can still promote their products and making money in the process.

So if you would like to make money with Amazon, Cafepress, eBay, AdSense, and others, you just join Squidoo and start building lenses.

This sounds fast, doesn’t it?

Well, it could be, but there still is a learning courve.

I joined Squidoo in 2007, I think (I have the 5-Year Trophie). I don’t remember how or why I joined or my first lenses. When I bought Tiffany Dow’s book about how to create one lens per week, 52 weeks per year, I create my first successful lens. And then I stopped.

Can you believe it?

Well, the problem was probably faith, because that lens got traffic and I earned a bit of money with it. A few dollars now and then. Not enough to make me stop what I was doing elsewhere on the net, because I thought that $3 or less per month would  not be paying our rent.

Then, like so many others, I thought that Squidoo was more or less dead, and THEN I learned about Erica Stone’s Squid Pro Quo.

Tiffany started a challenge, and I joined. I started to build more than one lens, and the income followed.

But if people do like me, build a lens without knowing what they are doing (like I did before Tiffany’s book), then they’ll make little to no money, and they might think that Squidoo is a scam.

Obs: We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Squidoo LLC.

Know What You’re Doing on Squidoo

It’s great to experiment and try different things, but you must have your basic knowledge in order. You can learn about Squidoo in several ways:

  • Buy books about Squidoo, written by authors who make money there and who build lenses there.
  • Read lenses that tells you about how to make money on Squidoo.
  • Join Facebook groups and forums dedicated to Squidoo.
  • Participate on Squidoo’s own forum (I’ve heard this tip, but I don’t use it myself – at least not yet).

A lot of Squidoo members have started with a few lenses, made a little money, and then slowly turned it into a full-time job. It is possible, from what I’ve heard, to make several thousands of dollars per month.

If you came to my blog to get an answer to the question: “is Squidoo a scam” – I can say “no” to that. Whether or not you’ll make money on Squidoo is another question. If you learn about how to create successful lenses, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to make money.

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  1. Hi Britt, Thanks for this post, I would love to do stuff like this in Squidoo but I’m not sure how to go about it. Thanks for letting us know how you started.

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