Are You Challenging Yourself? (Two Major Advantages)

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Challenge yourself

Hi there 🙂 Let me ask you a question: Are you challenging yourself? I mean really… Are you doing something that might take work or at least get you out of your comfort zone?

Right now, you might be thinking: No, I’m not challenging myself, and so what? I have plenty to do already, and I follow other people’s challenges, like the 30 days of blogging challenge, or the vlog challenge, or the make $10K in 10 days challenge (okay, I made that last one up).

And yes, I know what you mean. Challenges take time. I still think you should do yourself the favor of challenging yourself, at least once a year, and here’s why:

By Challenging Yourself You Obtain At Least Two HUGE Advantages

Okay, let’s just imagine that you’ve come to agree with me and you want to challenge yourself. What could such a challenge be?

  • Yesterday, I started a challenge where I’m comitted to making 5 Squidoo lenses per day for 5 days (weekend not included).
  • Participating in an online event.
  • Writing an e-book.
  • Recording a podcast.
  • Starting a new blog and have 20 blog posts ready within a month.
  • Make $1,000 within a month.

As you can see, a challenge can be anything. Any goal that you want to obtain, but which you haven’t reached yet, because you didn’t dare, or you procrastinated (which is the same), or something else.

There are at least two great advantages by challenging yourself.

  1. You get things done.
  2. You stay focused.

For example, I know exactly where I’m going to put my energy the following five days: I’m going to create Squidoo lenses like crazy.

That helps me stay focused… I’ll not start looking for new ways to make money, or learn to speak Klingon, or jump on board in any new projects. I have my project. I’m 100% laser targeted focused.

It also helps me build my business. These 25 lenses should soon start making me some money.

Each lens will be like one little busy robot running in a wheel, 24/24, 7/7, making more and more money to me from different income sources. As soon as that little guy get the gear turning, it will run faster and faster.

So let me know what you’ll challenge yourself to do soon?

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