Make Money Online and Grow Fat

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Think, and grow rich. Work at home, and grow fat. That seems to be the fate of Internet marketers and writers. Because there are pros and cons of living the dot-com lifestyle:

Advantages: You don’t have to get up early, catch the bus, stand up half an hour, because there are no free seats, walk for hours in the wind, rain and snow.

Disadvantages: You don’t have to get up early, catch the bus, stand up half an hour, because there are no free seats, walk for hours in the wind, rain and snow.

When you work at home in your underwear, you’re not burning many calories. So either you’ll gain weight, or you’ll have to take action and fight the fat.

Obviously, you could go to the gym, if there’s one near you. That’s not an option for me. The closest gym is hour away on foot, up-hill all the way.

Another great option is [amazon asin=B002BSA3EM&text=this little thing&chan=default] that works wonders if you use it daily.

Or you could just incorporate a lot of small routines that don’t take more time, but will leave you fit and in shape.

How do you live as you do, and yet burn more calories and build more muscle? I’ll give you a couple of examples here.

Funny Test – How Fat are You?

Take this funny test and figure out where you should be living according to your fat scale. Right now, I should be living in Chile Suriname Moldova, but I have been a virtual inhabitant of Tonga few years ago. I’m glad that I have shed a lot of fat since.

Internet Marketer Work-Out

Who says you have to sit still and work? Did you know that you could actually train your seat muscles while typing blog posts?

You can! According to a [amazon asin=B0057DBG12&text=great book by Valérie Orsoni&chan=default] (who’s coach to the good-looking and famous Hollywood stars), you can train almost anywhere. She gives different tips to train your body, build muscle without going to the gym, and almost without spending extra time on it.

She has the obvious trick – use the stairs instead of taking the elevator – but she even elaborates on that one and says: Take two steps at a time.

Or why not contract your seat muscles while you’re writing? Orsoni mentions how you can do that without even getting noticed by other.

Are you uploading a file? Use her tip about working your abdomen muscles while stopping for red light. Pull your stomach in and keep it in, until the file is uploaded (at least 5 seconds).

The book is filled with that kind of small tricks and she gives ideas for working on all your muscle groups to shape a perfect body.

I’ll add my own tip for you here: When you go shopping, or carry heavy things, use a [amazon asin=B002SXMRO4&text=backpack&chan=default]. That helps building your pectoral muscle, which in other words, girls, means great boobs!

Have a weight loss tip for Internet marketers? Share it in the comments – oh, and please let me know where you are on the global fat scale.

7 thoughts on “Make Money Online and Grow Fat”

  1. This is a great article because it draws attention to what internet marketers will face. Working at home will make a person to start living a sedentary lifestyle which is unhealthy.The same applies to does work works in the office where the have paper works only.For me, i registered with a a local football team and train with them regularly, i thing that keeps me fit.

    1. Great idea. This will probably not work for me. I’m afraid that any local football team would laugh their behind off, if I joined 😉

  2. Its interesting that the Internet job lifestyle is associated with being sedentary and growing fat, which I suspect in many cases is true. But to be more precise, Britt, the Internet lifestyle affords its practitioner more time to do whatever they want — whether its sit around and grow fat, or do more activities. In my case, working from home has allowed me to go to the gym more often — so I’m there five times a week instead of three. And it has made me fitter than I’ve been in years.

    1. Are you saying, Leo, that my lousy excuse really sucks?

      If so, you’re right 🙂 It’s always a question of priorities. Well, now that I officially take three days off each week, I should have more time at least to find my Wii again.

  3. Hey there Britt,

    I think this post is a really good reminder to people who already work at home, not to mention a great warning for those who are new to Internet marketing and working at home. Leo sounds like he’s at the point where he has time for both his business and himself which is awesome.

    But I remember when I first started my business. My number one goal at that time was to make money so that I wouldn’t lose my home. That meant my entire day and evening sitting in front of my computer reading, learning, implementing, reviewing, reading more… You get the picture.

    For people who are new to working at home, it can become a problem before they know it. It’s always good to have people reminding them that they have to take care of themselves too. 🙂

  4. Hi Britt, Love this blog!
    I thought this was a very cool article and had so many great links (I clicked them all)
    I am ashamed to say I am a current resident of Tonga, but the good news is I am getting the boot because gardening season is here and I am definitely going to move my big butt and work it off, while eating all the great veggies I will be growing.
    Thanks for the push!

    Mary Ann 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mary Ann. And just growing the vegetables will probably make you slimmer 🙂

      P.S. I edited the URL you gave. You’ve actually written tiptip…

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