Do You Have the Mindset of an Internet Entrepreneur? And Do You Want Proven Tips or New Bling Bling?

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Hi there 🙂 I hope you had a weekend. I took both Saturday and Sunday off this week, and I’m [amazon asin=0307465357&text=going to take three days off from this point on&chan=default] to have a nice, long, relaxing weekend.

Anyway, I want to know if you want some proven tips about how to make money online, or you want new tips that potentially may or may not work?

I’m asking, because during the weekend, a guy called Jesper sent me an email as a reply to one of my letters in an auto-responder sequence, and I think there are two lessons to be drawn from his mail:

  • Which mindset should you aim at having to succeed?
  • What kind of tips are better: old and proven or new and fancy?
Here is what he wrote (my translation from Danish to English – you can see the original further down):

When I want to enter this branche it is not to screw people and look down on them.

Just try to read your newsletter through BEFORE you re-re-re-re-re-re-send it. It is, of course, SOOOOO obvious that these words are written in September 2010!

Amateurish way of running a business

First, let’s talk about the best mindset for people who wants to make it online instead of going to work every day. Second, let’s look at what Jesper writes. Is he right? Did I write the letter, he just received, two years earlier? And if he’s right, what does that show about my way of doing business? Is it indeed amateurish?

The Mindset of a Self-Employed Contra the Eternal Dependent of Other People’s Money

Is the world filled with scammers who are only after your money?

I quit my day-job in 1995, and I’ve been earning my own money myself without having to live on charity, employers or in any other way relying on other people’s money. And I’ve noticed a difference in the mindset between other people, who are also self-employed, and those who stay permanently and forever dependent.

In the first group, we don’t automatically assume that other people are scammers and out to screw us.

That may be because we’re used to take responsibility ourselves for our income and other things in life.

When I’ve met employees or unemployed people with the same mindset, sooner or later they’ve managed to break free and become their own boss.

mail from Jesper Pedersen jesperdenmark hotmail

Why is it so?

Well, to be independent of others and make your own money, you have to have your eyes open for opportunities. That means trusting people and trusting your instincts. Sometimes, meeting the right person and making a good impression takes you from poverty to richness almost overnight.

I don’t know if you remember a few years ago. There was one man, who stood out, when it came to AdSense knowledge, and that was Joel Comm. He’s still a star, by the way. But one day, Joel Comm wrote about a young guy, who’d made some videos about how to make more money with AdSense, and he recommended these videos. That’s how Michael Cheney became famous, and he’s still in this business.

Where do you think Michael Cheney would be if his first thought about Joel Comm had been: “Oh, he’s probably out to screw me. And look… in his book, he has screen dumps from methods he’s been using for several years already now. Amateurish way of running a business”

My guess is that Michael Cheney would still be employed at some little dusty office instead of living a multimillionaire lifestyle.

Oh, and by the way, there’s nothing wrong with being employed. But if that’s not what you want to be all your life, you just have to have an open mind. You have to trust that all people are not scammers, and that all people are not looking down on you.

Second, let’s have that moment of truth. Did Jesperdenmark find something ugly in my mail? Did I really write it two years ago?

An Auto-Responder Sends Out Mails in an Auto-Responder Series

If you’ve been in this business for a while, or have been learning about it, then you’re probably aware of one of the roles of an auto-responder: It is to send out mails automatically in a previous setup sequence.

This means that if a person joins your list in November 2011 he gets mail #1, and then after a few days, he gets mail #2, #3, etc. He might receive mail #7 in December 2011.

If another person joins your list in August 2012, he’ll also get mail #1 right away, and then the follow-up mails. He will receive mail #7 in October 2012.

This means that you should write mails that could be read anytime, and not mails that talks about Christmas just because you wrote it in December.

You should also mention, when necessary, that what you just wrote was valid at the time you wrote it, by adding something along the lines of “while I’m writing this”. Most normal people will understand and think: “Aha! This lady didn’t write the email just now for me alone! She wrote it last month, or last year, aah, I see.”

Don’t ever try to hide the fact that your email wasn’t written in that exact moment where the receiver gets it. You can leave that to the broadcasts, you write and send out immediately.

Back to Jesper. He quoted the mail he received from me.

And yes, he’s quite right. There is clear evidence in this mail that I wrote the words in September 2010. I wrote about my experiences, starting seven years earlier, and how one discovery meant more money, and to illustrate this I show the difference between my income in September 2009 and September 2010:

September 2009 – 12 usd

September 2010 – 159 usd (and there’s still 10 days left of the month, while I’m writing this)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, with the mindset of Jesper Pedersen makes my way of doing business amateurish.

Okay, I have to confess that Jesper Pedersen’s opinion about my way of running my business doesn’t leave me sleepless. It doesn’t give me much hope for his future, either.

Because one thing is that he’s lacking knowledge about what an auto-responder does… That could be changed.

Another thing is that Jesper has the closed mindset of somebody who believes that everybody is out to scam him, and that money-making tips have to be new and written about yesterday.

I happen to disagree on both items, and I have the confidence to do so because I’ve been self-employed since 1995. I know what works.

That tip I wrote about in September 2010 (without trying to hide that fact, by the way), guess what? It still works.

That new tip that Marketer XZY is going to write about tomorrow because he got the idea today? Well, it might work, and it might not. It might even work for some and not for others. There’s no way to tell, because it’s not proven – yet!

If you have the time, try those new tips. You should always be trying new tips and do things differently to see if you can make things work better or smarter.

But always remember to have a basis build on the old and proven system. This is what will bring you through the hard days. And the new tips? The new ways you figure out to do old things?

Those might take your business to new heights.

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