Have a Great Idea? How to Take Action the Right Way [vlog]

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If you have a great idea, and don’t take action, you might lose a lot of money. On the other hand, if you have a great idea and take action, and then discover later that you don’t really feel passionate about this project and therefore don’t continue with it, you will have lost money, time and energy.

So how do you act properly on a great idea?

I’ll tell you about that in today’s vlog.

And believe me: I have years of experience buying domains and taking action – also on the wrong projects.

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17 thoughts on “Have a Great Idea? How to Take Action the Right Way [vlog]”

    1. Awesome, Tiff, and I loved that you added that is’ perfectly alright to abandon a domain. A few years ago, we decided to keep only domains that gave us something. It could be money (enough to pay for the yearly fees – $10) or it could be pleasure. But if a domain gave us nothing, we would skip it.

  1. Great advice Britt!

    I’m definitely an idea person. Often, I enjoy talking about these new ideas and this can be confusing for some. They walk away from our conversation believing I’m going to take action on that idea when in fact, talking about the idea for me, is a bit like trying it on.

    How does it fit? Is it something I get more excited about over time or do I begin to see potential problems with the idea? Of course, everything has its issues, but for me, if the problems are more than I want to deal with – well then, I just move on to the next thing.

    And Happy Birthday Britt! I hope you enjoy your breakfast – and what a lovely view to take in while celebrating! 🙂

    1. So you do a bit of a brainstorming, Tiffiney, to see if an idea will work out or not? That sounds healthy. And thank you for your birthday wishes 🙂 We didn’t have breakfast outside anyway. There were sun and only a few clouds, but it was very windy (30mph) so it was too chilly. We had the door open, though, and had breakfast right inside.

  2. Ok really great idea. I’ll be using the idea of writing about it for a few weeks before I purchase the domain name.

    And if I see that I can or don’t want to move forward I’ll have saved some time, energy & money and have content to finally finish a Squidoo lens.

    1. Yeah, or as Tiffany Dow suggests: She starts out with a Squidoo lens and from there she decides if she wants to continue or not. And thank you for your birthday wishes 🙂

  3. I wish I had been told this earlier. I would have saved tons of money. I have bought several fun domain names and thought that I would be really motivated to write posts on certain topics. But shiny new object syndrome would strike and off I would go and buy another domain. 🙂

    I am learning now. I do not want to buy any more domains at the moment. I will stick with developing the blog first and put all my other articles on my secondary blog. That should be enough for now.

  4. Hello Britt,
    Happy birthday (29 years and some months). I have seen your video and notice you are noth scared anymore to to a video with yourself. Was this the first one? I think the content is very interesting and every internet marketer should watch this video. Some might very well learn a great lesson on how not to do and what to do instead.

    1. Thank you, Jørgen 🙂 I loved your “29 years and some months”. No, this wasn’t the first video. The first video in this series was from November 4th (I think). I suggested to Tiffany Dow that we did a “vlog challenge”, because I knew that 1: You HAVE to create videos and 2: I HATED to do that because of some weird blockage.

      And the challenge worked 🙂 Well, this is probably not a surprise for you that you can overcome your anxieties by doing the thing that scares you. But I needed the right motivation to get over my video-phobia, and I got it from this challenge. Now I see video-making as teaching, and I love to teach.

        1. Ah, I see, no, it’s the third one in this round. I made one in front of my web cam, and one with my Flip Cam – you can hardly see my face on that one, though, because of the light outside.

  5. I have far too many ideas to act upon them. ROFL

    This is a good message though! One I needed to hear before I owned 100 domains! Well that count is significantly less now, but I learned a lesson the hard way. Hopefully this message will reach others before they make the same mistake I did!

    Great video, Britt!

  6. Britt,
    Wonderful information. Loved the Video. You looked natural ad comfortable – and I noticed everything didn’t have to be perfect (i.e., you weren’t in a soundproof room with a fancy video equipment setup). There was wind noise, but it didn’t affect the video in that I could hear your voice and you spoke very clearly.

    Gave me courage because once I start making money, my next passion would be to teach via video and/or blog via video.

    Another great tip is! The idea of using Squidoo to see if you maintain an interest in writing about a particular thing.

    Overall, Marvelous! Happy Belated Birthday.

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