24 Bundle Sale

24 Hour Bundle Sale

Fresh’n’Free Unique Content System $17 – http://freecontentsystem.com/

My system that will show you how to get fresh and unique content to your blog – without taking your credit card out. It’s a blogger’s MUST!

16 Minute Speed Reading $47 – http://16min.com/en/

Got information overload? Learn how to read faster and improve your understanding of the text at the same time.

How to Make Your Own URL Shortener in Three Simple Steps $4.99 – http://getmoneymakingideas.com/1468

Forget about bit.ly and tinyurl – learn how to set up your own URL shortener. It’s so easy, you’ll laugh. Gain authority and better SEO with your own URL shortener.

30 minute review $17 (no longer for sale – you can only get it here)

My friend Mike’s product about how to write reviews in 30 minutes – even of products you don’t own (NOT spam reviews!).

1-2-3 Twitter Traffic $17 (no longer for sale – you can only get it here)

Mike’s product that shows you how to get people on Twitter to love you and click your links.

# 6
8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less $9.99 – http://seferim.com/8articles/

When you don’t want to spend hours looking at a blank screen, but want to get those article written fast – and yet with a high quality result.

Bonus #1: List Building Magic

Bonus #2: Getting Started With Curation

Value: At least $112.98

Your bundle price: $67

Price: $112.98

Price: $67.00

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