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You’ll find plenty of seo consulting services online, so it’s important to check the company before you ask them to help your site to the top.

I was asked to write about one of these seo consulting services, and there’s one thing that immediately struck my eye:

This site is personal.

The front page is not all about “we are a blah blah blah company, serving blah blah blah since 1847”. Not it’s: “My name is Danny DeMichele”. I like that!

You can contact Danny directly from his site, and you can read and follow his blog and see what values he stands for.

One important thing to look for, when you’re choosing between different seo consulting services, is how the company does things themselves.

How are their permalinks formatted? Do you see strange characters that makes no sense (like post=?124) or do you recognize words? (like this-is-a-post)? Words are good, strange characters is a no-no.

What about link building? Do they offer thousands of links to invaluable websites, or maybe forum profiles? Or are they the real thing and offer hand-crafted backlinks in blog posts and articles?

If I weren’t so darn good at ranking in Google myself, this would be a company I would go to. 

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