The Secret to Making Money Online

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secret to money making onlineHi there 🙂 You might be searching for the secret to making money online. And there is one.

Well, it’s not that secret, actually, but there is something you’ll have to know and to do, before you can make money online.

What if I told you that it was simple, but not easy?

You just have to find 20 red berries in December, and cook it with some spider spit.

Nah, not really. There’s no voodoo to it.

The secret to making money online can be summoned up in one word: persistance.

When you keep on doing the right thing, you’ll end up making money.

But there are, of course, several road blocks on your way. We don’t want the adventure to be boring, do we?

One of the things that might hinder you in obtaining your goal is limited time.

You cannot expand the day. There are only 24 hours to spend. But you can find ways to spend less time on the tasks you perform.

In other words: Use as much automation as you can.

When I used a Windows PC, I used a mail client called The Bat! which saved me a lot of times, because it could use advanced templates.

I also used a program called ShortKeys. When I switched to Mac, I found a similar program called Typinator.

With those programs you can save long texts, even formatted, and attach them to keywords. When you use that keyword, the long text will be pasted.

For instance, when I want to add the Amazon disclaimer to a post where I have Amazon products on with my affiliate link, I just have to write #amazon, and voupti, the program spits out the following:

Britt Malka is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, or

Instead of manually updating our almost 40 blogs, I use a program for it. I’ve saved all the blog URLs, together with usernames and passwords, and now I only need to hit “Run”, and it will automatically update the WordPress script to the latest version, as well as the installed plugins. This program – WP Autoupdater – is Windows only, and it’s the only program I use my PC for, besides running games.

3 thoughts on “The Secret to Making Money Online”

  1. Anyway tnx 4 ur tips jst dat, i need explaintion on hw to make money. I need a direct answer. How cant i make money online?

    1. Hi Oshien

      I’m sorry, I cannot give you a direct answer, because I don’t know what money-making methods you’ve already tested, and why you failed at making money.

      You need to find a method that suits you the best. It’s different for each individual.

      Some likes to write, and then they’re often good at it.

      Others like to make videos,and then that should be what they do.

      Others again love to write on Facebook, and that’s where they can make money.

      So first find out what you like to do, and then find a product that teaches you how to make money doing that.

      Feel free to ask me again, once you’re clear on what you really like to do.

  2. It’s not just the secret to making money online, but making money even in brick and mortar stores. I believe the chances are slightly greater online because your upfront costs can be next to nothing, and with a brick store, you still have to spend for rent, utilities, marketing, etc, before you sell a single product. With online businesses, all you need is a website and some good backlinks. And of course, persistence.

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