BlogsVertise Is Pulling My Leg

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OMG have you ever had conversations so absurd that you just want to scream?

I’m having such one now with an employee at BlogsVertise. I really feel like yelling: ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT???

Okay, these are the facts. Let’s laugh at this together, before I tear all my hair out.

New Service at BlogsVertise – And It’s Driving Me Crazy

BlogsVertise is a nice service that makes it possible to make money with your blog. I’ve been using them for years.

Today, I discovered something that was new to me. You could add banner ads to your blog.

Oh, nice, I thought, and then I clicked on Setup.

The next frame showed me this:

I measured my blog and found that the correct ad size should be 300×250. I left the position to top-right column, and then I wrote a description.

I chose two of the three filler ads I could see at the bottom, and then I made a real BIG mistake.

I clicked on Save.

It saved, and I got some code, but this was not what I’d wanted. I thought that after Save, I would go to Next and be able to choose more filler ads.

Okay, now I knew that, so I went back into the ad, added the text again, which had disappeared, chose the filler ads again, clicked on Next, chose more filler ads, and saved.

I added the code to my blog, and then I discovered something weird. I now had two ads assigned to my blog at BlogsVertise.

Oh, dear, what if an advertiser wanted me to have his ad on my blog, and he chose the wrong of the two ads?

I tried to delete the first, but couldn’t. No delete button or link any place to be found.

Then I made my next BIG mistake.

I clicked on Help and contacted BlogsVertise.

Driving Me Crazy

I was a bit tired, when I wrote, and I got some of the words wrong. I can see that now. But I got an answer pretty fast from BlogsVertise.

This is what I wrote:

Hi 🙂 I just discovered that you offered banner ads, and I chose Set-up and then I clicked to finish. I wanted to add some more possibilities for the filler banners, so I went back and added them. Now I have two banner ads attacked to my blog at – and I don’t know how to remove one of them. I want to use the latest one I created with the most filler ads. Can you help, please?

Michele answered me:

you should be ablel to right click on it and hit delete the ad.

I replied back:

No, there’s no “Delete” in the context menu.

And I cannot see which of the two to delete, in fact, if I could delete it. Because the check marks from the filler ads are gone.

To this, Michele wrote:

Do you need to resubmit this ad to you?

My answer:

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean by this.

When I click at Blog list search/status, next to my blog at I can see two ads under “Display Ads”:

ON – Edit Top-Right Banners
ON – Edit Top-Right Banners

I wanted to delete the first one I made, but don’t know how to.

Can you maybe delete both, and then I’ll recreate the code the right way this time?

Michele told me:

all I can do is reject  your entry and then reassign it to you.  I cannot help you remove ad’s you added to your blogs by mistake as I am not in front of your computer screen to delete the ad from your blog.  Can you call a web master or google how to remove it from your blog.

I could see now that he’d misunderstood my message. So I tried to clear it up:

Hehe, the problem is not my blog. I know how to remove it from there.

I thought it might be a problem that I had two ads assigned inside Blogsvertise. If a publisher wanted me to have his ad online, and I used the wrong of the two codes…

So, yes, please, if you can delete the two, and reassign it to me, I’ll create a new code to use.

Michele wrote “Done“, but they were still there.

So I wrote back with a picture of the screen, this time, the same picture you can see above with a circle around the two ads.

No, they are still there. We must be talking about two different things.

On this link:

I see this: (picture)

There are two top-right banners listed.

I want only one, but I cannot delete them.

Michele wrote back to “Brit” (he lost a T this time):

I cannot remove the ad’s you will have to remove them.


I can’t. That’s the problem. That’s why I contacted you in the first place.

You have no “delete” button or link.

Is there a technician or webmaster at Blogsvertise that I can talk to, please?

And instead of pointing me to somebody with knowledge at BlogsVertise, Michele wrote:

We cannot remove anything from you blog you must do this yourself, you placed it there. Try and have someone assist you, have a good day!

Well, I WAS trying and having someone assist me, but I hadn’t succeeded so far. I didn’t give up, though.

It is NOT from my blog.

I’ve shown you pictures and I’ve given you links to BLOGSVERTISE.

I wrote to you earlier: “Hehe, the problem is not my blog. I know how to remove it from there.”

How do you get to the conclusion that it’s from my blog?

Are there a webmaster employed at Blogsvertise who can delete the two ads from INSIDE my blogsvertise account?

Or just somebody else at your office who can understand what I’m saying?

I was close to screaming at this time.

Michele answered quickly:

This is your request it’s on your blog, would like me to suspend your blog for you so we don’t have to have any ad’s from blogsvertise on your account.

Okay, I understood that I had no hope of being understood. So I simply replied:

No thank you.

I’ll blog about this – maybe you or somebody else will be able to interpret what I mean later on.

Michele answered:

I showed your request to several members of my staff, I have explained this to you several times.   I have now declined these two banner ad tasks from your account so there is no confusion about them.

Since I could still see the two ads on the list of blogs, I knew he had deleted the wrong items. Nevermind. I don’t think I can explain it any clearer, so instead of posting the same things again, I just wrote:

No, they are still there.

See the picture I sent you earlier.

See the link I sent you earlier.

Or see the blog post I’m writing. Maybe that will be more clear.

I don’t know how to explain this to you, apparently. And it must be me, since several members of your staff don’t understand what I’m writing either.

I will let Michele get the last word in this discussion. He just wrote to me and said:

They do not get deleted from your task management they just stay in the decline filter.

Who said anything about task management?

Well. Please tell me: Do you understand what I mean? Can you see where there’s an advert too many?

Or am I totally crazy?

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  1. You want me to help you deleting the ads from your blog? It is done easily, you know?

    Lol, it reminds me the time when I was studying.

    I was working in gerontology, specialized in Alzheimer.

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