3 – Photos and copyrights

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You were already aware of the fact that you couldn’t just use any photo, you found on the Internet. Good 🙂

I have a favourite place, where I look for photos: http://www.compfight.com/

Just put a checkmark in Commercial, and you are good. Be sure to mention who took the photo and link to their site at Flickr.

There are other pages, you can find free pictures. Look for both Free and Royalty free photos. The latter does not necessarily mean that they are free, but once you’ve bought the photo, it can be used freely.

I almost always find what I’m searching for at CompFight.

9 thoughts on “3 – Photos and copyrights”

  1. Mostly, I just write in the end of my blogpost: “photo credit: xxx” – sometimes I put on a link.

    If you go to the photographer’s site in Flickr, you can highlight the URL in the Addresse bar in the browser.

    Then highlight his name in Blogger, and choose the Link too. Put in the link you copied, and you’re done.

  2. I have added the cover art which I copied from IMDB, I am a little worried about copyright law’s with this as there is no-one to link too. Do i credt IMDB? Also would it be possible to add a trailer to the films?
    I have looked on Flickr but not found what I was after 🙁

  3. Following on from my last post I have registered with Amazon and am now replacing the cover Art with their cover art and links to their site. As for the insertion of the HTML script, does it matter where in the script it is inserted? I have put it under the script of the picture. As I cant click the picture to test it as this would break the terms of service I have no way of knowing if it has worked? any thoughts?

  4. Hmm i have been playing with the HTML a little and im not sure what im doing, im sure its easyer than it looks but it looks rather complicated and i have only cut and paste the links amazon has provided but i cant seem to get it to work.
    I will remove the IMDB art once i have finished writing this and wait your instruction as I dont want to mess the whole thing up. I can get the picture on there ok but cant quite seem to figure out how that links to their site using their code.

  5. I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t click on their picture to test. Are you sure?

    The link is not working. It’s only leading to the picture itself, not to Amazon.

    So you are a registered affiliate at Amazon?

    You log into your associated account, and chose the tab called Links and something.

    Search for your product there. I did “wii” for this post:


    You can personalize the look of the link, do that and copy the code.

    It starts with <iframe…

    Put all of this code inside your blogpost, when you are in HTML mode, i.e. you have clicked on the tab HTML in Blogger.

    I tried to make a small movie, but the program broke down. If you have problems with this, I’ll try again Sunday.

    Good luck, and you are doing a very nice work here 🙂

  6. I am a registered affiliate, I can get the picture but as you say it just leads to a picture of itself. Does the code have to be in a particular place on the HTML? i have been playing with it for a quite a while now and can figure it out 😥

    On a similar note can u rename the jpg to soemthing recogniseable for saving instead of a string of nonsensical characters? will this affect the code and its link too it (once I have it working that is)

  7. hmm, been playing with the amazon pictures all morning but cant get it to work. The closest I have got is the picture (which only shows itself when clicked) and when in edit mode (but not when viewing the page) a small box that can be clicked and goes to the amazon site.
    I have the picture saved on my pc and upload it , as you do, to add it to the blog. Then I add the HTML code as instructed on the amazon site (which is the small box). How do the two come together?

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