WSO Forum Money – Review of WSO $500 in 24 hrs by AJ Silvers

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I’m an explorer, and I’m an action taker. A few days ago, I heard about a way to make money from other people’s WSO’s, and that tricked my inner Dr. Livingstone. So I went ahead and purchased a product named WSO $500 in 24hrs.

To be honest – I didn’t spend hours considering whether or not to buy. The price was only $4.95, so even without the 60 days refund guarantee that comes with the product, I would have bought.

This is what you get after your purchase:

Access to AJ Silver’s product: WSO $500 in 24 hrs – Here you’re met with a step-by-step procedure. First, download and read the quickstart guide and the inside scoop. Both are pdf-files.

Then there’s four videos to watch to make sure that you really understand the system. You can download the mindmap that’s used in one of the videos (in three versions depending on the program you use to display the mindmap).

After that: Take action!

As you probably know, a WSO (or Warrior Special Offer) is a product offered by a warrior on the warriorforum for a special price. Since I’m an honest marketer, I will reveal for you that I already knew how it would be possible to make money from other people’s offers. I learned that trick from another warrior.

Normally, you make money if you promote another person’s product through his affiliate program. Such a program didn’t really exist when it came to WSO’s.

It does now, and it’s free to join both for vendor and affiliate. It’s called DigiResults, and you could compare it to ClickBank, just without the sign-up fees – and there’s only a good handful of products available right now.

If you’re planning to do a WSO yourself, you could make it a lot easier for you, if you use DigiResults, since you’ll get a code to use to put up a PayPal-button, and you’ll get an affiliate system with it.

Back to the review: I found it a bit confusing to get to and from the four videos. When I’ve watched a video, I used the back-button, and then I had to click on a link to get back to the overview over the four videos. This could have been made better, in my opinion. But of course, as long as you know how to get to them, you can always go there again.

The product will teach you two ways to make money with DigiResults – how to set up your own product and to sell it with their help, and how to find other products to promote, and how to do it.

There are a lot of feed back and testimonials about this product on the Warrior Forum, but I just plucked this out:

Quote Forous:

This product + you taken action = BIG PROFITS. Great job AJ

Take a look yourself: $500 in 24hrs WSO

3 thoughts on “WSO Forum Money – Review of WSO $500 in 24 hrs by AJ Silvers”

    1. I’m testing it this moment, in fact 🙂 So far only with one product to $4.95. No money earned so far, but I guess it’s about timing. He chose a WSO that was hot, and that he’d just bought himself. When the next hot WSO comes out, I’ll be ready 🙂

  1. Hi Britt,
    brilliant stuff. I am also testing and doing a few of my own in house tweaks. You are right about the timing, there are better days and times to geth the best out of this course..I will be back with my results and any tips to share that make things work better…


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