Do You Want To Earn Money Blogging?

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The urge to earn money blogging has been felt by a lot of people in recent years. In fact, there are a lot of products on the market telling you how to do it. Most of these products, however, require you to put in some kind of monetary investment before you start seeing any kind of profit. First we’ll explore the possibility of making money through blogs then we’ll take a close look at doing so without spending any cash!

Ready? Then let’s go!

Can You Make Money Blogging?

This is a question that truly needs to be answered. And the answer is yes! You can make money blogging! Can you make enough money to quit your job? That’s somewhat more questionable. The answer is that you can, but it’s certainly not going to happen overnight. There are simply too many factors involved, particularly the effort you put into it. Before anybody tells you otherwise you need to know that it’s going to require a fair amount of elbow grease! You can make it happen, but most money making blogs require an initial investment, and that’s not what we’re looking for!

Free Blog = Money Blog?

Can a free blog be a money blog? To answer that question lets just for a minute investigate some basic search engine optimization. It’s generally accepted that having the search terms you are trying to get ranked for in the search engines in your URL is a great advantage. All the free blogging platforms allow you to create blogs on a sub domain of their own domain. What does this mean? Well, it means that if you had your own domain name with the search terms you are trying to rank for in the URL it would probably rank better. Probably! The flip side to this is that free blogging platforms get obscene amounts of traffic. In fact, is a top 10 site on which is a site that rates other websites based on the traffic coming in to them. That’s a lot of traffic!

Make Money With A Free Blog

The key to making money online is to put your offer in front of the traffic! That’s why we spent the last paragraph talking about SEO and Alexa rankings. Using free blogging platforms that already receive massive amounts of traffic makes it easier for you to attract visitors to your site. Not only do these sites get indexed faster, they are also a part of a network of sites that has a huge fan base! How you choose to monetize your blog (Adsense ads, affiliate offers, amazon products etc.) is not the most important factor. What matters is that you optimize your blogs potential by putting it in front of as much traffic as possible!

You want to earn money blogging. And you want to do so to either be able to quit your job or to supplement your income. Both are admirable goals. The key to success is perseverance and smarts. It is not harder to make money with a free blog than it is with a paid blog. Each type of blog has it’s own advantages and drawbacks. With a free blog you need to take advantage the platforms inherent traffic advantages!

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