Who Are You? Show It on Your T-Shirt

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Have you ever seen pictures of John Chow, the famous blogger, when he mingles with others?

He always wears a t-shirt that stands out. Here are some examples:

John Chow t-shirts

Even though you might not be as famous as John Chow (he wasn’t born famous, by the way), you can still use t-shirts to attract some attention to yourself and your blog.

Why T-Shirts?

T-shirts get noticed. Especially, if they are unique.

Your own, unique, logo will make the t-shirt unique, but you can make it even better with a short, positive text.

“John Chow’s blogging this” is short and to the point. It’s written in positive. Can you come up with a similar slogan?

“Britt Malka’s nailing this on Pinterest” – naaah…

Where Can You Get T-Shirts Online?

DG Promotions Inc. has a division that has specialised in t shirt screen printing and embroidered shirts.

You can use your own text and image and have it printed on the t-shirts, or you can ask the company to help you, and they will create custom designs for you. They promise very fast delivery and 48 hour premium service.

I haven’t tried them myself, yet, but their quality looks to be in top.

I guess that people will wonder who I am, when I walk around in Haifa with a t-shirt saying: Britt Malka’s blogging this!

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