Squid Pro Quo Review – Erica Stone’s Latest Amazon Affiliate Product

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Squid Pro Quo ReviewThis is one of the rare occasions where I don’t know where to start, because I want to burst out with everything at once.

Like: This guy TOLD me that Erica Stone made super-great Amazon info-products, and:

Thanks to the way Erica teaches keyword research, I found a GREAT keyword with lots of searches and almost no competion. And the existing competition is SO weak!

Or: She really gives so much in her product. There’s a lot of valuable things you can just copy and paste and then you have a professional looking Squidoo lens.

But I have to start somewhere, so let me start with the guy on the Warrior Forum, who kept insisting that I should get Erica’s Amazon products. He didn’t use any affiliate links. He just told me to get them, because they were so good.

Persistant Warrior Forum Colleague

A while ago, I wrote a review inside a WSO thread of an Amazon info-product. I wrote that I would have wished it had an example of an Amazon product review.

This guy wrote to me directly and said that I should get Erica Stone’s e-books about how to sell Amazon products as an affiliate.

He kept writing to me, telling me more about Erica’s books, and I was interested. But then we were going to move to a new apartment, and I got other things on my mind.

Fast Forward to Erica Stone’s Latest Product – Squid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo” is a Latin expression meaning “this for that” – or in other words: a fair deal.

Erica Stone has been playing with words and came up with Squid Pro Quo – your very unfair advantage. She uses free Squidoo lenses to make money with Amazon products, and her e-book really goes through everything in the process.

She uses a very unique keyword research model, and when I used it, I came up with a keyword that has 260 exact monthly searches and only 70 competing sites – all very weak competitors.

Erica shows you two ways of getting these results: One with Market Samurai (which I have) and one with free tools. The latter is a little bit more work, but it will do, if you’re on a shoestring budget.

It’s a fun and easy way to come up with products to promote from Amazon – or any other place, if you prefere. But Squidoo likes Amazon, so it’s probably easier to go with them.

What I really Loved about Squid Pro Quo

Everything is very well explained and easy to understand. I liked that.

And there’s no guess work – if you’re one of those who love to have a blue-print to follow, you got it here.

I also loved that Erica says that she had the most success with lowerpriced products. That’s been my experience as well, although many Amazon gurus teaches you to go for higher priced objects.

The best thing in Squid Pro Quo is, in my opinion, the text files that comes with the product. You can simply copy and paste and make your lens look absolutely stunning!

What I Didn’t Like about Squid Pro Quo

I would have loved to know how much Erica made from lenses like that, but either she doesn’t tell, or I skipped it by mistake.

Also, for some reasons, my pictures showed up below each other, when I used the text files I mentioned above. I found out what to change, but not why.

If you get the same problem, let me know, and I’ll write a detailed explanation of what to do to fix it.

What You Should Do Right Now

If you want to make money with free means (on Squidoo), you should grab Squid Pro Quo now.

Click Here to Get Squid Pro Quo

8 thoughts on “Squid Pro Quo Review – Erica Stone’s Latest Amazon Affiliate Product”

  1. Thanks for the review. I just bought the Squid Pro Quo ebook and have started my first lens based on it! Will you be doing more case studies based on the ebook or leaving it at that? Are you taking part in Tiff’s squidoo challenge? I see you link to her on the sidebar. Thanks!

    1. A case study. That might be a good idea 🙂 And yes, I’m taking part in Tiff’s Squidoo challenge – as well as her blogging challenge and PLR challenge. Don’t know if I can make the PLR each time, though. Good luck with your lens. Don’t they just look gorgeous with the help of those text files? I’m so impressed!

  2. Hi. I’m a new “follower” of your blog. I have Squid Quo Pro too. You mention that she doesn’t say how much her lens makes. She does say this in her ebook:

    “In fact, I left my full time job and am now the sole provider for my family using this – and my other – Amazon methods which I’ve outlined in my previous ebooks”

    She has 390 lenses and a number of her top ranked lenses are at the top of Google’s search results. I’m guessing that she is making decent money. Thanks for your review. I feel her ebook was a good purchase.

  3. Hi
    I’ve been reading this ebook and i have no idea what the author means when she talks about keywords known as “PR0s” can you fill me in ?

    1. Hi May – yes, I can help. I starred at that word the first time, too.

      It’s PR zero, and it means all the sites that has a Google Page Rank of zero. If you have either Market Samurai or Traffic Travis, the program can show you those PR0 sites.

      Did that help?

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