The Five Best Excuses to Procrastinate Instead of Writing Blog Posts

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Procrastinating blogger

We all know that it’s important to write blog posts consistently. It’s important to get more valuable content online, to get a higher rank, which will help you make more money.

Also, the more content you have available, the better changes you have to get found in the search engines.

There are numerous reasons why it’s good to create content for your blog.

This means that vague excuses for NOT writing is out of the question. You need strong arguments. So when you prefer to procrastinate and go to the beach or surf on Facebook instead of writing blog posts, you really need powerful excuses. Here are the five best excuses to procrastinate instead of writing blog posts: 

Excuse # 1: You lack inspiration.

Yeah, I know. This is a classic. But it never loses its value. I mean, it’s hard to argument with that, isn’t it? If you’re not inspired, you’re not inspired.

You could, of course, go out and catch that muse.

Nah, sorry, I nearly ruined the excuse.

Excuse # 2: You’re at work.

Ups, yeah, not everybody can manage to write blog posts at work.

I have a friend who does. He’s a corporate ninja. I’ve asked him to write an e-book about how to get away with doing Internet marketing in your working hours, but he’s afraid that his boss might get his hands on a copy. And as it is now, he’s a full-time Internet marketer and gets paid for a full-time day-job as well. 

Excuse # 3: You broke a nail.

Aie, this is a tough one. Yeah, it can be hard, typing away on your keyboard with a broken nail.

Of course, there’s always the software, the Dragon Dictate or Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Yeah, I know it’s expensive, and your boss looks at you in a strange way, when you use it. Yeah, okay, forget that I mentioned it.

Excuse # 4: You don’t have time.

This is a great excuse, but it demands a bit more work from you. Because “if you don’t have time”, then what are you doing on Facebook?

See the catch?

If you’re going to use this excuse, you need to add something like “I don’t have ENOUGH time”, since you can obviously visit Facebook and stay for a couple of minutes (not?), but you cannot write a blog post in a couple of minutes.

Some would argue that you could always start – write the outline, for instance, but yeah, I know. Not fair of me. Sorry!

Excuse # 5: You’re dead.

This excuse works for a lot of other topics than blog writing. You cannot take your part of the house cleaning or cooking, either.

It’s not ideal, of course, and after a while, you might get bored. You’ll start thinking that even writing blog posts might have been slightly better.

That’s it. The five best excuses to procrastinate instead of writing blog posts.

What’s your favourite excuse?

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