You Know So Little About Internet Marketing – How Can Your Discover Everything About It?

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Is that the feeling you have? That although you know something, then it’s not enough, and you want to learn everything about Internet marketing?

If that is the case, we’ll deal with that right now. In a few moments you’ll know why you don’t have to know everything about Internet marketing. And why it can, in fact, hurt you, if you try to know it all.

This blog post is inspired by a reader who told me that he wanted to know everything about Internet marketing.

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Dear Seeker of Knowledge – Don’t Aim at Knowing It All

  • If you aim at knowing everything about Internet marketing, you’re in for an endless task.

    Does the name Sisyphus ring a bell? He certainly didn’t take his business very far, although it was uphill all the way for him.

    Even if it were possible to stop all evolution within the Internet marketing field, it would probably take a couple of lifetimes to know it all.

    Are you certain that you have time for that?

  • If you want to know everything about Internet marketing, before you start, you’ll never get started.

    Let’s use an analogy. Let’s say that you want to know everything about cars, before you ever drive one. That would mean studies of every model ever produced. You would have to be familiar with every bolt and nut going into the machine, and every piece of leather or plastic that made up the seats. You would have to study tires, sizes, marks, and know which are the best for driving on rainy ground as well as dry or snowy.

    Forget about it. Just take driving lessons, and get started on your journey.

  • If your goal is to know everything about Internet marketing, that’s great. A great goal. Not realistic, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to learn.

    Just don’t wait until you know everything. Start now with a basic knowledge, and then learn everytime you need to know more. And then spend the rest of your time doing, not learning.

In Short: Aim at Learning All the Time

Learning and discovering new knowledge is good. It keeps you moving towards better results.

You have to narrow down your intensions, though. Don’t aim at knowing it all. Aim at knowing everything that’s relevant to the path you’ve already chosen.

And if you haven’t chosen yet, because you wanted to know everything about Internet marketing, then take a stand.

Basically, you can make money online in three ways:

  • By having adverts on your site or blog.
  • With affiliate marketing.
  • By selling your own products.

Pick one place to start, and build your knowledge around that point.

What You Should Do Now

Decide where you want to start.

My recommendations: Using adverts like AdSense or doing affiliate marketing are more newbie friendly than creating your own products.

When you’ve decided where to start, then seek knowledge about that area.

If you want help, then write a comment about where you plan to start.

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